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Military Discount Flights - How to Get Free Military or Military Discount Flights - Space Available Flight, Military Airline Discounts, American Airlines Military Flight Discounts

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For all that our United States military personnel does for us, giving them free or discounted flights and hotels is certainly not enough to say thank you. It is certainly appropriate for all enlisted soldiers and officers to take advantage all the military discount flights and military discount hotels offered them. The problem for some becomes that these discounts are frequently either not advertised or not present at all with some companies.

Space Available Flight

The first type of travel advantage available to the military is provided by the U.S. Department of Defense. It is known as Space Available Flight, or Space-A, for short, or military hops. This service is available to all members of the armed forces and their immediate families. Under the Space-A program, any open seats on Department of Defense flights not occupied by on-duty passengers is available for free to service members on leave, retired service members, and their families. Each eligible type of passenger is ranked according to need into categories, and seats are given on this basis.

The problem with Space-A flight is that it has become extremely difficult to use since the 9/11 attack. Schedules of flights were once easily available, but now these schedules can be difficult to obtain. Also, with the war in Iraq and actions and Afghanistan in full-swing, the military has to cut costs domestically, so fewer flights are being run. Also, there is no centralized system of booking flights, so taking advantage of the system requires personal inside knowledge. Another problem with military hops is that they constantly change with little or no notice. For this reason, they cannot be recommended unless a military traveler has the time to spare.

Military Airline Discounts

A more reliable source of affordable travel is through an airline’s military discount flights. Each airline has their own policy, so it is necessary to inquire about them before or during booking. A select few airlines do not offer a military discount.

American Airlines Military Flight Discounts

American Airlines offers several amenities to active members of the U.S. armed forces. These amenities include discounted fares, preferred boarding, reduced minimum stay requirements, and relaxed advance purchase requirements. To make the process easier, American Airlines allows military flight discounts to be applied up to one week after reservations are made.

Another great amenity provided by American Airlines to active personnel on leave from Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom is complimentary access to their Admiral’s Club facilities. By presenting their leave orders to the desk, soldiers, officers, and their families are allowed full privileges in the air club.

US Airways Military Flight Discounts

US Airways offers military discounts. Military rates are available to those on official leave of duty and to military personnel who have been discharged up to one week prior. US Airways stipulates that special rates are also available to family for military dependents. Military rates do not apply to personnel reporting to temporary duty assignments.

United Airlines Military Flight Discounts

United has always supported the U.S. military and their families. Military discounts are available to all active members of the armed forces as long as the tickets are purchased from within the United States. Military discounts include regular members of the armed forces plus National Guard, Reserves, and Coast Guard. To receive the discount, reservations must be made in person or by phone.

Delta Airlines Military Flight Discounts

Although Delta advertises that it offers some sort of military discount, they have decided not to publicly provide any details on their website.

Other Military Travel Discounts

Other discounts are also available to the U.S. military. Military discount hotels are available from most chain hotel companies. Privately-owned hotels may or may not have discount policies in place.

In addition to hotels, most major theme parks, such as Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, and Sea World also offer military discounts.

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