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Local Trucking Jobs - How to Get Local Trucking Jobs - Qualifications, Finding a Job

Job Searching and Necessary Qualifications

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Trucking is huge business, and it is growing every day. At present, more than 3 million truckers serve haul freight along America’s roads; within 20 years, this number is expected to swell to almost 5 million. High demand and steady growth insures that local trucking jobs can be had to those who know how to find them.


Before seeking employment, a trucker should possess a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. From here, further qualification is pursued through the local Department of Transportation by way of a Commercial Driver’s License. Depending on the state, there may be ways around this through the “grandfathering” system, which allows companies to train their own truckers provided that they have two years of safe driving experience. From there, the last step is an up-to-date physical exam.

Would-be truckers who wish to drive large trucks or hazardous materials must first obtain a Commercial Driver’s License, or CDL. This license was created by the Commercial Motor Safety Act of 1986, and it comes in various classes. A Class B CDL allows truckers to drive vehicles in excess of 26,000 pounds. Most truckers, however, need a Class A CDL, which allows for the driving of a vehicle plus trailer in excess of 26,000 pounds. Truckers who expect to transport hazardous materials need a Class C CDL. Naturally, the nature of available local trucking jobs in the area should determine what kind of CDL is sought.

Additional tests enhance a CDL. Tests on double and triple trailers, passengers, tank vehicles (for storing liquids, not the military kind), hazardous materials, school buses, and hazardous fluid transport can all be sought while pursuing a CDL.

Some states allow schools and companies to “grandfather” their employees, apprenticing them for on-the-job training rather than getting a CDL. To qualify for this, however, a would-be trucker must have at least two years of driving on the same license without suspension, serious traffic violations like DUIs, or major accidents in which the driver was at fault.

Lastly, truckers must take a physical examination. These test physical limitations that would increase the likelihood of an accident, including vision, hearing, and blood pressure.

Finding a Job

Due to high demand, finding local trucking jobs is rather easy. Many classified ads feature trucking advertisements every day, and those looking for an easy Internet option can use any number of trucking job search sites to pursue employment. Not all truck drivers will qualify for all local trucking jobs, as some require specific licensing or possession of a rig.

As described above, CDLs come in three classes, and classes can be supplemented by additional testing for certain forms of cargo ranging from gasoline to triple trailers. If such a license is required, it will be in the job posting.

Trucking jobs are classified not only by the licensing required, but also by the relationship between the truck and the driver. Drivers without their own vehicle should seek “company driving” jobs, where a certain company such as Wal-Mart or Wonderbread provides them with vehicles. Other businesses seek “owner operator” jobs, where drivers maintain their own vehicle. These jobs generally pay more since it removes a great deal of overhead from the employing company. Drivers who hope to be in the owner operator category can also seek “lease purchase” employment, where they lease a truck from a parent company in the hopes of owning it a few years down the road.

Many drivers in search of local trucking jobs begin their search with local businesses. Local industries advertise in local classifieds while accepting applications from nearby drivers. Any industry that produces or sells a product is likely to need a driver, which is one reason that so many jobs are available.

Drivers looking to expand or speed their searches can also use trucking job search sites like Class A Drivers and Just Trucking Jobs to find employment. These websites and those like them categorize, sort, and list job postings across all fifty states, offering searchable databases to allow targeted searches for almost any kind of driver.

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