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Remote Access To Computer - How to Get Remote Access to a Computer - Getting started with Remote Desktop

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Ever since computers began to gain in popularity, there have always been problems with people needing files that they had accidentally left on the computer at home, and finding a way to get remote access to a computer provides the perfect solution for this issue. Today there are so many different software programs that give remote access to computers that it is very easy to be able to get what you need. There are two major categories these programs fall into: programs that allow you to access files and those that allow you to control the other computer completely through a remote connection.

Probably the simplest and most well-known way to get remote access to a computer is through Remote Desktop, a program that is part of Windows XP Professional. This program is perfect for businesses with workers who travel around from site to site because it allows the workers to access their desktop computer back at the office and have complete control over the desktop computer. Basically, the internet allows the user to link his laptop computer with his desktop computer back at the office by using Remote Desktop. This is the most complete form of remote access because it allows total control over the other computer.

Getting started with Remote Desktop

Using Remote Desktop is very easy. Start by installing Windows XP Professional with Remote Desktop on the computer that you want access the files on. This is the host computer. The computer that you will actually be using to access the host computer must have Windows 95 or later on it. It also needs the Remote Desktop Connection client software. Both computers must be connected to the internet. If the computers use a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, then the process is simpler, although it is possible to access the host computer by entering the host computer’s IP address.

Setting up Remote Desktop for computer remote access

The next step to access a remote computer is to set the program up in the host computer. The setup for Remote Desktop can be found under “Performance and Maintenance” on the Control Panel. Then, under “System” click the remote tab. Follow the prompts from there, or check out Microsoft’s website for step by step instructions.

Other methods for getting remote access to a computer

Computer users who do not need to get complete access to the host computer may choose to use a different kind of software to get remote access to a computer. This type of software allows the user to only access files instead of being able to control the entire computer, and sometimes this is a much better solution than Remote Desktop and programs like it because those programs tend to cause a lot of lag in the connection. One examples of these file-sharing software programs is TeamViewer, which is perfect for anyone who needs to share their screen or files with other computers remotely. Just download the software and install it by following the prompts. TeamViewer, and many other programs like it, offer a free 30-day trial.

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