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Childrens Book Club - How to Manage a Childrens Book Club

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A childrens book club can be a great activity. To manage a childrens book club effectively, an adult must learn to understand thoroughly the mind of a child and decide what is best for the child. Also, adults working with the childrens book club should take it seriously — children will pick up on the adult’s level of interest, and it will be reflected in their attitudes toward the book club. Anyone establishing a childrens book club should note the following advice:

  • No drudgery: The book club should avoid being a boring schedule of book reading. There should be no drudgery; instead, the book club should be an interesting experience for the children. Children should not suffer from boredom while participating in a book club; instead, they should be able to experience the fun of reading and sharing books. Avoid monotonous reading. Allow the childrens own interest to encourage their reading, listening and participation. Don’t make it seem like homework.
  • Proper explanation: . The subjects of the book should be such that they can be explained properly and fully to the children. Children derive important lessons in life from reading the books, and the childrens book club should be such that the lessons are fully understandable to the children. The childrens book club topics should be carefully chosen and properly read. Even if you are including fairy tales among your childrens book club topics, make sure that you explain the inner meaning of hope, despair and happiness hidden in the fair ytales.
  • Reading: The reading of books is the key purpose of any book club, for children or adults. When the book club coordinator reads to the children, she should read the books as if narrating a drama. This will help the children grasp the subject of the books easily. Moreover, children should be encouraged to read the books by themselves and aloud to others. Care should also be taken that all children get their fair chance to read and share with the group. The book club coordinator should see that each child understands what he or she is reading. A sense of continuity should be maintained while reading a particular book.
  • Make it interesting: Depending on the interests of the reading group, the book club coordinator might want to involve the children in a dramatic re-enactment of parts of the story. This doesn’t have to be an all-out play — children may become more engaged by simply re-enacting a short portion of the story without props and using impromptu dialogue based on their recollection of the books. Another way to get children involved is to watch films based on the books. But remember that reading and getting an appreciation for the world of books should be the main focus of your book club.
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