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Las Vegas Flight Deals - How to Nab Great Las Vegas Flight Deals - How they work, Where to Find Vegas Deals

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Searching for a great Vegas flight deal? Look no further! This guide will show you where they come from, how they work, and the best places to find them!

How they work

Businesses all over Las Vegas desperately want you to come there. Why? Because Vegas is a city that absolutely runs on tourism! Hotel owners want you to stay there. Restaurants want you to eat there. Casinos want you to gamble like crazy. Bars want you to come in and drink up. Just by getting you to set foot in the city, Vegas businesses know that somebody’s going to make some money.

In order to keep happy tourists coming down the pipeline, Vegas businesses often partner with economic development and other city organizations. (The city wants you to come to Vegas, too, because every dollar you spend translates into tax money for them!)

The point is, many organizations have a vested interest in you coming down to Vegas to play. And they are fully willing to resort to bribery to get you into the city limits! Here’s how you can take advantage:

Where to Find Vegas Deals

If you’re planning on staying at a Vegas hotel, many times you can find the best flight rates packaging it together with a hotel deal. The hotel likes having a guaranteed patron, so they’ll be more apt to lower their own rates or pitch in to cover your flight. You can find these deals on any travel site, but for Vegas-specific deals you can go to LasVegas.com or Vegas.com. Both have great package deals – just click on Flight + Hotels to find some for yourself.

If you know the hotel that you want to stay at, a great way to find package deals is by looking for package deals on the hotel’s web site. Again, hotels really want your business, so helping you get out there is in their best interest!

VisitLasVegas.com is a site devoted solely to generating tourism for Las Vegas’ hotels and convention centers – check here for some great vacation packages, too.

Timeshare Travel Packages

Sometimes you can find travel deals that will cover your hotel or flight expenses in exchange for coming out to a “Presentation” where they will try to sell you a timeshare resort. It can work for you if you don’t mind sitting through a sales presentation, but be advised that many times it takes the form of “pre-purchasing” a voucher that they will then refund to you only after you are done with the timeshare meeting. Make sure to read all the fine print before going in for these deals!

There are hundreds of ways to get yourself to Vegas, but using the resources on this page will make sure you can get there on the cheap! Enjoy your stay.

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