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Queen Mattress Topper - How to Pick the Best Queen Mattress Topper for You - What is a Mattress Topper?, What Type is Best for You?

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Mattress toppers are a great way to add comfort, softness, and a variety of other properties to your bed without breaking the bank. For example, if you’ve been hearing all about memory foam but don’t have the thousands of dollars that it can cost to buy a whole new mattress, you can get a memory foam topper instead. This gives you the advantages of memory foam at a much more reasonable price, and it fits right on top of your current mattress. Depending on what type of topper you get, you can change many properties of your mattress in a way that suits you. See below for an introduction to the most common toppers and their purposes.

What Type is Best for You?

Memory Foam
Memory foam is one of the most popular choices in bedding today, its popularity surging over recent years. Memory foam’s main advantages are sturdy support, complete lack of movement transfer, and full conformance to your body. It is also a durable material, and has hypoallergenic versions available. People using memory foam report better sleep and less joint/back pain. Go to any mattress store to get a taste of what it feels like, and decide for yourself.

Latex Foam
Latex foam is very similar to memory foam. Here are the key differences to tell them apart. For one, latex foam is slightly more expensive than its memory foam counterpart, by about $50-$100. Latex is a natural product while memory foam is synthetic. Latex foam breathes better than memory foam, so there is less body heat retention in the mattress. Latex also is a natural allergen resistor, so it can be a great choice for those with allergies. (Except for Latex allergies, of course!)

Natural wool toppers are a bit expensive, starting at around $150 for a queen size. They are designed for comfort rather than support. Wool must be fluffed every now and then because it tends to get matted down. It breathes well and can be dry cleaned.

Down used to be the king of bedding stuffing, but has declined some in recent years due to the growing popularity of foam-type products. But it still remains a good option for adding softness and comfort to your mattress. It breathes well, and like wool it should be fluffed occasionally to manage bunching and flatness. If you have a mattress that is too firm for your taste, a good down mattress topper is a great way to add extra softness.

Common Questions

Will I need bigger fitted sheets?
-This depends on the type of topper you buy. If you buy a large queen mattress topper made from memory foam that is over a few inches thick, you will most likely need to buy a new fitted sheet to go over it. If you get a thinner wool or down topper, you should be just fine with what you have.

Can I use a topper to extend the life of my old mattress?
-This isn’t a good idea. While a topper can help modify the properties of a good mattress, it doesn’t make up for failures of a bad one. If your mattress is starting to break or run ragged, it’s a good idea to invest in a new one.

That’s it for this guide to finding a great queen mattress topper for your bedroom. Use these tips to find the perfect topper for your needs, and you’ll be on your way to a great night’s sleep!

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