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Stearns And Foster Mattress - How to Pick the Best Stearns and Foster Mattress for You - Traditional Stearns and Foster, Silver Dream, Golden Elegance

cashmere comfort intercoil luxury

Are you on the market for a new luxury Stearns Foster Mattress? With a deluge of different options, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose one of them. Here is a guide to help you break down the differences between the Traditional, Silver Dream, and Golden Elegance mattresses, and show what each one means for you.

Traditional Stearns and Foster

The Traditional model starts at $1,199 retail, and includes many upgradeable features. The base model offers individually wrapped coils, a caramel colored silk-infused fabric, and variable comfort technology, which ensures an even level of support and firmness throughout the mattress. You may also add a memory foam topper for increased support. The upgraded model offers micro-suede and cashmere knit fabrics with Stearns and Foster’s exclusive Intercoil technology. Intercoil is essentially a spring within a spring, designed to give you both support and comfort. The upgraded model goes for $1,499 retail.

Silver Dream

Customers looking for the next level of luxury will enjoy the Silver Dream, which starts at $2,999. This comes default with Intercoil technology. New Zealand Jomo wool, natural latex, and cashmere-infused woven fabric go into the construction of this piece to offer increased comfort and luxury. The latex is naturally allergen-resistant, and the wool and cashmere offer a wonderful level of softness and comfort together with efficient body temperature regulation.

Golden Elegance

At the top level of Stearns and Foster luxury is the limited edition Golden Elegance. It offers unparalleled craftsmanship and materials. The Golden Elegance is crafted with the same Intercoil technology and New Zealand Jomo wool as the Silver Dream, but added to this is a white cashmere/white wool blend to bring unsurpassed comfort. Woven fabrics consist of cashmere, silk, and merino, and horsehair fibers add to durable construction and a refreshing sleep. The Golden Elegance starts at $3,999.

All Stearns and Foster mattresses come with a 10-year warranty.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to Sealy’s Stearns and Foster mattresses. Please refer to Sealy’s website for further information and to find retailers in your area.

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