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Wine Of The Month Clubs - How to Pick the Best Wine of the Month Clubs - Type of Wine Sent, Satisfaction Guarantees, Cost and Contracts

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So you’ve decided to add a little extra culture to your mailbox by participating in a wine of the month club, have you? Excellent idea. But here’s a fair word of warning: you’ll quickly find yourself swimming in dozens of different options! Don’t just pick the first one that you happen to click on. There is a lot of variation between the clubs – in price, in wine selection, and in customer service. Here is a quick guide to make sure you select the right wine club for your tastes.

Type of Wine Sent

First and foremost, you must decide what kind of wine that you are personally interested in. Are you looking for say, international wines? Wine from small vintners? Sweet wines? Or do you just want to try a little bit of everything? There are entire clubs centered around all of these preferences, and probably any others that you can think of, too!

Satisfaction Guarantees

Some wine clubs offer guarantees on all wine that you receive. If you don’t like one wine, they will make arrangements to get you one that you will. It is a good idea to work with clubs that stand by their selections and offer good customer service. If they offer a guarantee like this, chances are they trust the quality of their products.

Cost and Contracts

Cost is another issue when deciding on a wine of month club. The smallest plans start out around $20 per month and go from there. To avoid getting locked into something that you’ll regret, look for clubs that offer open-ended, no-contract memberships or short-term order packages. Many clubs will let you order a three-month package, which will give you plenty of time to decide whether or not you enjoy the service and the wines.

Long-term Purpose

Keep in mind that some wine clubs are directed towards long-term collectors who are trying to build up a wine cellar. These clubs focus on wines that are meant be racked and stored for years rather than consumed right away.

Where to Start Looking

Here are two sites to get you started on your quest. Both offer multiple “programs” that are tailored for many different tastes.

Cellars Wine Club – Cellars offers 12 different wine club programs, so you’re sure to find something that you’ll enjoy. Each wine shipment comes with a newsletter that describes the month’s wines in detail, so you can learn something deeper about each selection.

Sunday Times Wine Club – The Sunday Times Wine Club is a great choice for UK customers, offering multiple “wine plans” that focus on different regions and varieties, all at reasonable prices.

Whatever your tastes, you’re sure to find a wine of the month club that can satisfy!

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