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Blue Cross Blue Shield Providers - How to Pick the Right Blue Cross Blue Shield Providers - Look Inward First, Look at the Doctor

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Getting tired of trying to choose a doctor from a list of Blue Cross providers? You have probably already started by using the Blue Cross Blue Shield Providers Directory. But that brought up dozens of choices in just as many fields! So how do you determine the best one? This guide will give you the top things to look for when selecting a doctor.

Look Inward First

First, you must decide for yourself what kind of doctor you need. Are you looking for a long-term general practitioner to become your new “family doctor”? Are you in need of a specialist? Or what about a nurse practitioner?

And it’s not just about your doctor’s classification – it’s about his personality as well! Finding a doctor with a bedside manner that clicks well with you can be equally important to your happiness as the doctor’s training and credentials. Decide now what you are looking for – it can mean the difference between stressful, awkward visits and relaxed, easy ones.

Look at the Doctor

Now that you have decided on your needs, it’s time to look at potential doctors who can fill them. Use BCBS’s Provider Finder to look up doctors in your area. Note that they display a check mark for board certified doctors. This doesn’t necessarily guarantee the quality of the doctor, but it does prove that they trained beyond medical school and passed an official board-issued exam in their field of specialty.

Now look at your potential doctor’s credentials and training. Look at their track record with past patients. If you have any acquaintances who have been treated by the doctor, use them to get information about his practice. They have actually been there, and can give you invaluable insight into the doctor’s personality, treatments, etc. Look at the school your doctor graduated from. Make sure she is licensed. Check what medical organizations she is affiliated with. It may sound like a hassle, but if this doctor is to be your long-term health care provider, then it pays to do your homework!

The Kansas Board of Healing Arts is a great place to start. They can give you almost all of the information listed above. Just search for your potential doctor’s name, and you can find the date of their degree, their school, their license information, and any active criminal or disciplinary actions on their file.

There are also paid services like Angie’s List where you can see customer reviews of doctors and other service providers. This could be handy if you don’t have any personal acquaintances who have been treated by the doctor that you’re looking into.

Look at the Hospital/Office

Using BCBS’s online provider directory should eliminate concern about whether or not your doctor’s office or hospital will have a problem with your insurance company. But there are other issues to consider about the physical location. Do you prefer one hospital to another because of their facilities or prior track record? Do you need somewhere immediately close by? If it’s a doctor’s office, do you care what setting the actual building is in?

Set up an Appointment

Now that you have considered these issues, it is time to choose your top candidates and start calling offices to set up an introductory appointment. Now is the time to go in and see for yourself what your potential doctor has to offer, and decide whether or not he will work out for your needs. There is no shame in passing over one doctor in favor of another (equally qualified) practitioner because he just seemed to “click” with you and your family. As stated before, the last thing you need on top of an already stressful situation is to have a doctor that you don’t feel comfortable with. Doctors are supposed to make you feel better – and not just your physical injuries. A good doctor will put your mind at ease, too. And that is invaluable for when you’re feeling sick and stressed out!

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be on your way to a happy future with the most capable and personable Blue Shield providers that your family could ask for!

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