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Setting Up A Conference Call - How to Set Up a Conference Call - Choose a Provider, Get Your Number and Access Code

You Can Set up a Conference Call by Following a Few Simple Steps

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Conference calls allow companies to have meetings over the phone. Setting up a conference call is easy, so you will be talking to your associates in no time at all. Even if you don’t know how to conference call, you will become a pro after following these simple steps.

Choose a Provider

First, decide what company you will use for your conference call. Make sure you choose a company that is easy to use, and offers the features you need for your call. Logix lets clients make conference calls, and offers phone and internet service. Logix is easy to use, and they provide everything people need for a successful conference call.

If you do not want to switch phone and internet companies, consider using a service like FreeConferenceCall.com. You will just need to input some data and you will be able to set up your conference call.

Get Your Number and Access Code

Some providers will set up the call for you, but most will provide you with a phone number and access code. They will also provide your attendees with the information they will need to join in your call. Dial the number and put in the access code. Then, the attendees will have to dial the number and input their code in order to join the call.

When handing out the number and access code, you also need to provide the attendees with the time the call will take place. Have your attendees RSVP and plan to change the time to accommodate your guests if not all of the participants can join at the same time.

Prepare for Your Call

Preparation is the last part of setting up a conference call. Send out the documents and information people will need. That way, everyone will be prepared when the conference call begins. You should have an outline with key points people can follow, and encourage attendees to come up with questions they want to ask. Remember, a conference call is much like a meeting, and thus, you need a degree of participation. That way your call will be successful.

Setting up a conference call is very easy to do. Follow these simple steps and you will be able to have your meeting over the phone.

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