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Movie New Releases - How to Watch New Movie Releases - New Movie Releases in the Cinema, Physical Media New Movie Releases

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As technology and the internet continue to advance, old forms of entertainment are brought to us in new ways. This is extremely evident as it pertains to the film industry. How we watch a movie, new releases and older films, has changed dramatically over the years. In the early days of VHS video tape rentals and DVD rentals, and as the internet expanded, Hollywood went wild trying to figure out how they would survive amidst expanding technology and the empowerment of individuals in home entertainment. Fortunately, the problem seems to have taken care of itself with little to no outside influence from the industry.

Today, viewers are presented with more ways than ever to watch movie new releases. Each method of viewing has its strengths and weaknesses. Where one person will enjoy their method, another will have his or her favorite. Quite a few people use more than one method depending on several factors such as availability, ease, cost, and legality.

New Movie Releases in the Cinema

Despite the fears of movie producers and theater owners, the new forms of watching new release movies have done nothing to stop people from going out to the theater. In fact, more people visit their local cinemas now than they did in the 1980s, before VCRs were just beginning to be embraced by the masses. 2009 had the most movie-goers in the U.S. and Canada than in five previous years, as reported by the National Association of Theatre Owners, with 1.414 billion admissions. This number of admissions led to the highest grossing year in history for theater-owners with total box office sales in 2009 at $10.6 billion.

As long as there are teenagers, movie theaters are definitely here to stay. Teenagers make up a large proportion of ticket sales. They, along with many others, like the experience of getting out of the house, mingling with friends, sparking romance, and eating popcorn in a crowded theater with a bunch of other like-minded individuals. Despite the advances in home entertainment technology, we are much too social a species to allow movie theaters to die.

Physical Media New Movie Releases

Physical media sales and rentals refer to movie new releases in these formats: VHS videocassette, DVD, and Blu-Ray. Although VHS had a good thirty-year run and changed the industry forever, the media officially died in 2008. It is reported that 95-million households still own VHS video recorders, but the last stand-alone units were produced by their inventor, JVC, in 2008. In addition, the final batch of prerecorded Hollywood movie new releases was shipped on December 31, 2008. No eulogy is needed for VHS, though, as the DVD format took over full force without the world missing a beat. Today, Blu-ray discs, with their higher data capacity and high-definition capability, are coming into their own after winning out a technological battle with the HD DVD format.

Media of movie new releases are generally released anywhere from 3 to 9 months after a movie has opened in theaters. This protects the theaters from losing out on revenue and creates anticipation in the time between theater showings and disc release. The sales market for many years in the early 2000s overtook theater receipts, but 2009 was another landmark year for theaters. In 2009, theaters grossed more than physical media sales for the first time since 2002. Still, the 2009 sales of DVDs and Blu-ray discs of $8.73 billion is nothing to scoff at.

The rental market has changed significantly in the past decade. Consumers are no longer content to go to a store to rent movies with the advent of the mail-order rental business made popular by Netflix. Netflix and Blockbuster mail rentals have forced many local rental stores to close. Another popular way to rent new movie releases has also sprung up – Redbox. Redbox has created a self-serve rental kiosk located in many popular department, grocery, and drug stores that has seen significant success.

Electronic Media New Movie Releases

The latest method for watching new movies is through electronic media. This includes computer downloads and streaming. Broadband technology has expanded as to where it is feasible for companies such as Netflix and Amazon to stream high-definition movies directly to a computer monitor or television screen. Electronic media new releases can be rented with time-restricted files or access, or they can be sold so consumers can watch the movie at any time like they can with DVDs. This form of watching new movies is expected to grow tremendously over the next decade and beyond.

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