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Notary Public Florida - How to become a notary public in Florida - Training requirements of a notary public in Florida

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Becoming a Florida notary public takes a few hours of training and certification, but it is, in general, a very easy thing to do. A notary public in Florida has the authority to witness signatures, give oaths, certify safe-deposit boxes and VIN numbers and even perform marriage ceremonies. The main function of a notary public is to ensure the identity of the people signing a document, although Florida is one of only three states that actually allow a notary public to legally perform marriage ceremonies.

Everyone who wishes to become a Florida notary public must apply through a bonding company that has been approved to submit the applications electronically. All of these companies usually will complete the entire process for you, even providing your seal after your application is approved. The state fee to apply to become a notary public is $39, but you might consider shopping around to different bonding companies to find the best price. Not all bonding companies charge the same amount for their own fees, so double-check the price you will pay before submitting your application. A couple of bonding companies used by the state of Florida include 1st State Insurance Advantage Notary of Florida, Pichard Insurance Agency, and Notary Public Underwriters.

In many cases, the entire process of becoming a notary public will take only two to three weeks, from the time the application is submitted, to the day when the commission certificate and notary seal actually arrive. However, sometimes the governor’s office may need to review the application before it can be approved. This will cause the overall process to take longer. Of the two or three weeks that are usually involved in the entire process, you will probably only spend a few days of your own time getting together the necessary papers and training. The rest of the time includes processing time at the governor’s office and the amount of time it takes for the bonding company to make your seal and send it out.

Training requirements of a notary public in Florida

In Florida, the government requires at least three hours of classroom or interactive training within the year before the appointment to notary public. Approved classes to satisfy this training must be offered by a person or group that is registered with the governor’s office. The classes are typically offered online, and they take about three hours for the average person to complete. Most online training courses to become a notary public in Florida can cost anywhere from $25 to $100, and they are offered year-round, whenever you want to take them. Most bonding agencies (including the ones listed above) also offer these training courses.

Required duties of a notary public in Florida

The office of the notary public usually requires witnessing signatures, and it is legally required that the person signing the document actually be present. The notary public may not notarize something based on the oath of a third party about the signature.

In some cases, the notary public will be legally required to refuse services to someone who wants to get a document notarized. For example, they should not notarize a document if they did not witness the signature being placed on it. Also an incomplete document should not be notarized, and the notary public should not notarize something for a parent, spouse, or child. Identification is also required before any documents can be notarized. Notaries public should also not notarize any document involved in a financial situation they have any kind of personal interest in.

Earning money as a notary public

Some people choose to advertise their services as a notary public in order to make some extra money, and you can certainly charge whatever you think is fair to notarize a document for someone.

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