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Dedicated Server Cheap - How to find a dedicated server cheap - Server Pronto, Iweb, Quonix, DedicatedNOW, Fiber Hosting

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Leasing a dedicated server can be very expensive, sometimes coming it at over $100 per month, but it is pretty simply to find a dedicated server cheap. A dedicated server is basically a server that is owned by one company, but leased by another company. The company that owns the server takes care of all the upkeep on it, usually for an additional fee, and the other company just leases the storage space. Of course a dedicated server means that the server is not shared with any other company, and the company that is leasing it can choose the hardware, operating system, and other features. Let’s take a look at some of the best cheap dedicated servers on the market. In general, a good price will range from the lower $30 range, up to $50 per month, and all of the servers included here are less than $50 per month

Server Pronto

The cheapest dedicated server we could find is offered by Server Pronto, and the smallest package starts out at $32.95 per month. The server comes with an 80 GB hard drive and plenty of bandwidth. The processor is an AMD 2000+. We should also note that setup of this dedicated server is free, which makes this a real find. There’s even a slightly larger package from Server Pronto that costs $43.95 per month. This package offers two terabytes of bandwidth and a 160 GB hard drive. Finding a dedicated server cheap became a whole lot easier when Sever Pronto came on the market because other companies had to scramble to make their prices a bit more competitive.


Iweb is another dedicated server that is also very inexpensive. Set up for Iweb is free, and the monthly price is $45. Many Iweb servers can be up and running within an hour of activation. This package includes a bit more bandwidth than the smallest package from Sever Pronto and 160 GB of storage space, the same amount as Server Pronto’s second package.


Quonix also offers a dedicated server cheap, coming in right at $49 per month. This is the smallest server advertised by this company, and it comes with the Windows Linux operating system and there is no setup fee for this package. The service also offers remote reboot and plenty of bandwidth to cover most business needs.


Another company that provides a very inexpensive option for dedicated servers is DedicatedNOW. The lowest advertised package from this company starts at $49.95 per month and includes 80 GB of hard drive space and 1200 GB bandwidth. This company does also offer some special and closeout servers for some even more attractive prices, although there are fewer customization options available with those, so watch carefully before you choose any of those.

Fiber Hosting

Our final choice when it comes to finding dedicated servers cheap comes from Fiber Hosting and is priced at $50 per month. There is also no startup fee with this service, which comes with 60 GB of storage space.

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