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Kansas City Lawyer - How to find a good Kansas City lawyer - Bankruptcy lawyers in Kansas City, Kansas City lawyers for employment and business

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There are more than 400 lawyers in the Kansas City area, and finding the best Kansas City lawyer can be a bit of a challenge. The most important thing to do when beginning a search is to sort the lawyers by specialty. This will automatically remove a large portion of lawyers on the overall list. From there, it certainly does not hurt to look at the lawyer’s track record when it comes to cases. Also make sure that you can actually work with the lawyer you choose. After all, a lawyer with an abrasive personality will make your struggles even more difficult to deal with.

Bankruptcy lawyers in Kansas City

One area of law that it is very common to need a lawyer for is bankruptcy and Robert Kumin gets high marks in this area. He has been licensed for 26 years, so clients will certainly be able to utilize his vast experience in the area of bankruptcy law. Another bankruptcy lawyer who gets high marks is Kurt Drozd, although he has only been licensed for four years. Dianna Lord specializes in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and she has been licensed for nine years.

Kansas City lawyers for employment and business

Employment lawyers specialize in all aspects of employments, from unjust firings, to discrimination and harassment. One of the highest rated lawyers for employment issues is Michael Delaney. He has an superb rating on Avvo.com, and he has been practicing for seven years. Another lawyer with high rankings is Lawrence Williamson, who has an excellent rating and a glowing review from a client.

Business lawyers focus on all of the legal aspects of running a business, including laws about corporations, partnerships, and similar legal aspects. A good choice for a business lawyer is Jodde Lanning, who has been licensed for over 30 years.

Family lawyers in Kansas City

Family lawyers specialize in divorce and child custody disputes, as well as adoptions, domestic violence cases, paternity, child support, and child abuse. John Johntz has the highest rating in this area, and he is located in Overland Park. .

Kansas City criminal lawyers

Anyone who finds himself on the other side of the law will need a criminal defense attorney, and William Mahoney is one of the highest rate criminal defense lawyers in the Kansas City area. Clients report a high level of satisfaction with many of his cases. Mahoney has been licensed for 21 years, so his work comes with plenty of experience.

Kansas City personal injury lawyers

People who have been injured in some type of accident will need a lawyer who specializes in personal injury law. James Cramer has the highest Avvo rating for this type of law.

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