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Cheap Flights To England - How to find cheap flights to England - Consolidator tickets, Avoid flying during peak season, Fly out of major airports

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England is full of history and beautiful architecture, and visiting it doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you learn how to find cheap flights to England. Of course there are the usual websites many people check when they are looking for cheap flights (like Priceline or Orbitz), but there are other places to check for deals that may result in finding even cheaper prices for a flight to England.

Consolidator tickets

One resource for cheap international flights that not many people know about is consolidator tickets. Consolidator tickets are basically wholesale tickets. Companies that sell consolidator tickets actually purchase up the seats on flights that would not be sold otherwise. Consolidator companies purchase their air tickets in bulk so that they can get them very inexpensively, and that savings is passed on to the customer.

The only bad thing about consolidator tickets is that the flights are sometimes at inconvenient times, or there may be a lot of stops in your trip. Also, there are usually large penalties for canceling your flight or changing your itinerary. Many consolidator companies require a credit card authorization form because of how much fraud goes on in the industry.

Avoid flying during peak season

Another way to find cheap flights to England is to avoid peak travel season. The only problem with this plan is that there are very few off seasons when it comes to travel time in England. There are plenty of indoor activities, which means winter can be just as busy as the summer time. Christmas and any other big holidays tend to be just as busy of a travel season as the summer time. Also, pay attention to the British school calendar because school holidays mean more travelers and higher air fare rates. In general, try to aim for the winter months, but avoid any big holidays or British school holidays. For a more specific time to plan your trip for, try late January to early March. These months usually have the fewest travelers.

Fly out of major airports

Searching for cheap flights to England will also require the savvy traveler to shop around. In most cases, flights between two major airports will be less expensive than flights between smaller airports. However, as with any rule, this can always change, so the only way for a traveler to know for sure if he has a good deal is to shop around.

Seek out discount rates

Also remember that not all air fare rates are created equal. Some airlines naturally have lower prices than others, despite their best efforts to be competitive. Other airlines offer special discount rates, and often these discount rates are offered during the off season. A travel agent will probably be able to help you find the cheapest rates possible because she will have access to all available discount rates from the various airlines.

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