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Best Car Rental Deals - How to find the best car rental deals - The importance of booking times

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Taking a trip is always an adventure, and finding the best car rental deals is the perfect way to save money. There are so many companies that offer car rentals that drivers have plenty of competition to work with. One thing to keep in mind is that the prices of car rentals skyrocketed during the summer of 2010. At this point, there’s no sign that they will go back down, but remember that fewer cars produced over the past several years means that rental companies just do not have the number of vehicles they once had.

The importance of booking times

One of the most important things about getting the best rental car deals is the booking time. If there is a lot of demand for car rentals in the city or airport that you are going to be renting in, then it is always best to book early. However, travelers who know they can easily secure a car rental deal when they arrive will be able to take advantage of last minute deals with many companies. The best booking time to get a deal depends entirely on supply and demand.

The secrets to finding the best car rental deals

There are also a couple of other tricks to finding the best rental deal. For example, try renting a car outside of a major city. This means avoiding the urge to rent a car at the airport, which can be even more expensive. Also memberships to various organizations like AAA, AARP, the military, and professional organizations can earn some nice discounts when it comes to car rentals.

Avoiding hidden charges

Another important thing about finding the best car rental deal is that it can be easy to rack up hidden charges. It is only a good deal if you do not have a huge fee left when you drop the car off. Make sure to take note of any imperfections with the vehicle you rented. AAA recommends that you write down anything that does not work when you pick up the car so that you are not left holding the bag when it comes to paying for something that’s wrong with the car. Also do not forget to fill up the car’s gas tank before returning it. Usually it is cheaper to just drop the vehicle off with a full tank than it is to pay the fee for the rental company to fill it up later.

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