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Best Quote Car Insurance - How to find the best quote for car insurance - Esurance.com, Online companies, Shop around, Know what raises your rates

consumers shopping website policy

Shopping for car insurance is always a big job because of how many insurance companies there are, and sometimes it can be difficult to sort through all the quotes to find the best quote for car insurance. However, there are a number of websites that make it very easy to find the best quote for car insurance.


One website that is very popular among those who are looking for the best quote for car insurance is Esurance. This website provides quotes from many different car insurance companies and puts them all in one place, saving you a lot of time. Esurance is probably the most popular website like it because it does every kind of insurance, in addition to providing the best quote for car insurance.

Online companies

Another way to find the best quote for car insurance is by shopping the online companies. Consumers who do not want to use an all-in-one website like Esurance will want to check out Geico, Progressive, and other similar companies that function almost exclusively online. Of course with these companies, consumers do sacrifice some of the personal aspect that is involved when they have an actual insurance agent to sell them the policy, but sometimes it may not be worth it to pay the extra money it costs to have a middle man. Consumers should just weigh all of their options when considering where to purchase car insurance.

Shop around

When it comes to finding the best quote, car insurance, just like any other thing in life, will require you to shop around. Consumers can never know if they are getting the best car insurance rate if they do not compare rates among several different companies. Those who are not comfortable purchasing insurance off of the internet should always call around to various insurance agents in their area. It may even help to play the various insurance agents off of each other, telling one of them when another offers you a cheaper rate to see if he will go lower. You just never know until you ask.

Know what raises your rates

Finding the best quote for car insurance also depends on purchasing insurance at the perfect time. For example, consumers who have just had an accident will probably not want to start shopping for a new policy. Rates almost always go up when consumers have an accident, and finding a new company will not change that. Also consumers who begin to have financial difficulties should not start shopping for a new car insurance policy. Credit rating does affect car insurance rate, so consumers who found a good policy while they had good credit will probably not want to look at new insurance companies after their credit falls. Another way to save money on car insurance is by paying the full premium up front. Most insurance companies charge a fee for breaking that premium up into monthly payments, so the best way around this is to pay it all up front.

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