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Cable To Go - How to find the right cable to go with anything - USB cables, Common power cables

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Electronics are a major part of our lifestyle today, and sometimes when a cord goes bad, it can be difficult to find a new cable to go with it. What makes matters worse is the fact that some cables for particular appliances are not standard. For example, not all cell phone cables are the same, so finding the right connector can really be a headache sometimes. However, learning the basics about the various types of cables can go a long way toward always being able to find the right cable to go with anything.

USB cables

One of the most common types of cables is the USB cable. Computer people especially know this type of cable to go with almost anything that is computer related. In some cases, electronics may even connect with others via a USB cable. A USB cable has a long, thin rectangular end. There are usually several USB slots on a computer, so if you are in doubt as to whether the cable in question is a USB cable, just compare it to the slot-like plug-ins on computers. USB cables are commonly available at computer and electronics stores.

Another common type of USB cable to go with several different kinds of electronic items is the mini-USB. Some companies may refer to this type of cable as a data cable, and it typically connects an external hard drive, scanner, or other piece of electronic equipment to a computer. Usually these cables have a USB connector on one side, which goes into the computer, and a mini-USB connector that connects to the device. Just look carefully at the connectors on the end to tell if it is a mini-USB cable. One side should have the standard slot-like USB connector, and the other side should look like a mini version of the first end.

Common power cables

Another very common type of cable to go with many different things is the common power cable. These cables typically connect a computer or monitor to electricity. Usually these cables are black or grey, and they have a big square area that plugs into the back of the computer or monitor. Power cables like this are very common and should be relatively easy to find at any computer store.

A cell phone cable to go with your phone

Another common device that needs different types of cables is the cell phone. Some countries are setting new standards for cell phone cables and requiring them to all be the same type of cable, but in the United States, there really is no norm when it comes to cell phone cables. If something does happen to your cell phone cable, then the best place to go for a new one is to the cell phone provider. It is also possible to find a cable to go with a cell phone at an electronics store, and it is quite likely that the cable will be cheaper than those sold by the cell phone company. However, it is very important to read the package and make sure the cable will go with the cell phone it is needed for.

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