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Tire And Wheel Packages - How to shop for tire and wheel packages - Check out the sidewalls, Style and appearance

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Tire and wheel packages are a great way to personalize a vehicle and make it your very own, but there are so many different kinds of packages available that it can be very difficult to figure out which kind will work the best. The most important thing to consider when looking for the perfect tires and wheels is function. Of course function does not necessarily matter if the vehicle is not meant to go off road, but this should be considered first before any purchase is made.

Check out the sidewalls

The first considerations to make when looking for tire and wheel packages are the tires, and the best place to find information about them is by simply looking at the sidewalls of the tires. A tire and wheel package is only as good as the tires that are in it, so start by looking at the sidewalls. You may find a service description code, which will indicate what kind of vehicle the tires are meant for. For example, a service code of P means the tires are only for passenger vehicles. The sidewall will also give the width of the tire. The width should be the first number after the service rating, and it is always given in millimeters.

Following the width, there will be a slash, and then more numbers. These numbers are the tire’s aspect ratio. The number gives the percentage of the height of the tire compared to the width of the tire. Lower numbers mean better handling and faster steering response. After this number there is a letter, usually an R, which indicates the internal construction of the tire. R stands for radial construction which is the standard for passenger vehicles.

After the letter indicating the tire’s construction, there will be more numbers. These indicate the diameter of the rim. If purchasing a package, this number should also be the size of the diameter of the wheels included in the package.

After these numbers, there is a space, and then more numbers. This next set of numbers indicates how much weight the tires can carry. Higher numbers mean more weight, although the numbers are not given in an actual measurement. They must be converted through a load-carrying capacity per tire chart. Following the load capacity, there is another letter, which indicates how fast the tires are rated to travel. This number is extremely important for those purchasing tire and wheel packages for a vehicle used for racing.

Style and appearance

After function is considered, then style should be taken into account. One of the easiest ways to really change the look of a vehicle is to change the size of the wheels and tires, and the best way to make sure the tires and wheels you get are compatible is to purchase them in a package. Also be sure to look for alloy wheels instead of steel because alloy usually comes with reduced road shock and better tire deflection when turning corners. Alloy wheels are also better at cooling brakes, which can be very important in cases of speed and extreme heat.

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