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Low Cost Payday Loan - Important facts about a low cost payday loan - How a low cost payday loan works

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Payday loans can really help someone out when they get into a bind, but they can also be very dangerous. Many people believe that payday loans are naturally expensive. Well, you do pay for the convenience a bit, but if you compare payday loans to credit cards, the interest rate actually makes the idea of a low cost payday loan viable.

How a low cost payday loan works

Payday loans are all basically the same. The borrower either writes a post-dated check to the payday loan store or completes an online application for a payday loan. The store cashes the post-dated check on the date it was made out for. Approval of the online application results in a deposit being made to the borrower’s bank account. The lender then takes the money out of that same account on a specified date.

Payday loans are typically very fast and easy to get. They don’t require any collateral, just some documentation. Required documents include proof of income, like a paystub, proof of identity, and an active checking account. Borrowers must be 18 years or older, except in the states of Alabama and Nebraska where they must be at least 19 years old.

Pay day loans are quite a bit different than personal loans because they don’t typically require a credit check. The interest rate on payday loans varies from state to state, as do the general rules and regulations for applying for one. The amount of money loaned in a payday loan is usually less than $1500, so if you need more than that, you should look into other options.

The reason a low cost payday loan is possible

As credit card interest rates soar, the prospect of a low cost payday loan is beginning to look more and more viable. Another thing to think about is late payment fees. If a payday loan is the difference between making a mortgage or credit card payment late, then consumers are probably better off taking the loan. However, they must be very careful and use their loans responsibly in order for them to work.

Reminders about payday loans

It is very important to remember that payday loans are not meant to last for a long time. They are simply meant to get the consumer through until the next paycheck arrives. Payday loans are the perfect solution for people who are in a temporary money crunch, but they are not the solution to a serious financial problem. Always think twice before taking out a payday loan because the price for even a low cost payday loan is still significant. Weigh all the possibilities before signing on the dotted line, and look for other options first. In some cases a personal loan is a much better solution to financial problems. Otherwise larger loans may be in order if the situation is extremely severe.

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