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Kitchen Sinks Undermount - Installing an Undermount Sink

Simple Steps to Install an Undermount Sink in Your Kitchen

hole countertop drill size

An undermounted sink will add a modern touch to any kitchen. You may think you know nothing about kitchen sink plumbing so you cannot install a sink yourself. The truth is, with a few simple steps you can install a new kitchen sink. When you want to update your kitchen, take the time to install an undermounted sink.

The first step in installing kitchen sinks (undermount or above kitchen mount) is to choose the right sink for your needs. Undermount sinks come in several styles and finishes. If you are looking for a modern kitchen, you want to choose a stainless steel sink. You can get an aged look with a ceramic sink. Some even choose granite or stone sinks for a seamless look in the kitchen. If you do choose a granite or stone sink, have a professional install it because of the difficulty working with these materials. You will also need to decide what size sink you need. Undermount sinks comes in single or double bowls. You can also get a special designed sink to suit your needs.

Once you buy the sink, you need to cut the hole. Each sink comes with template with the exact coordinates for the cutout. Use a 3/8 inch drill to start your hole and cut around the template. This will give you the exact size you need to cut for the sink. Be careful with cutting to make sure you get the exact size. If the size is wrong it will be an expensive mistake. The template will also give you the exact locations of the hot and cold water lines. Mark the locations and drill the holes for your faucet.

Once you have your hole cut, flip the counter over so you can drill the holes for the bolts that hole the sink in place. Use the template and drill holes in the underside of the countertop. Fill each hole with silicone. Wipe the edges of the hole and the sink with alcohol. You will then want to put a bead of plumbers caulk on the edge of the sink. Place the sink on the countertop and align the holes you drilled. Fasten the sink to the counter with the screws that came with the sink until tight Allow the silicone to dry and place the countertop and sink in place. Once you have the countertop in place, secure the counter to the cabinets with screws.

You can have the updated kitchen you have always wanted. Make your kitchen look like the models in magazines with an undermounted sink.

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