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International Tractor Parts - International Harvester Tractors and Parts - The International Harvester Company, Tractor Data’s International Harvester Tractor Parts

navistar mccormick systems model

The legendary International Harvester company was founded in 1847 by the inventor Cyrus Hall McCormick and his brother. The company was originally called the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company. The company passed on to Cyrus’s son, and in 1902, McCormick Harvesting merged with three small agricultural equipment makers and the Deering Harvester Company to become International Harvester. The company’s fortunes grew over the years, and its line of tractors proved to be especially popular. In 1926, a plant was built in Illinois just to produce the Farmall tractor, and in 1946, the IH company bought a former wartime defense plant in Kentucky which soon made the Farmall A and B, and the next model of tractor, the 340. Over the next few decades, however, IH’s profits slowed, mostly because of competition from John Deere but also because of rigid in-house policies and overly timid management. Morale and profits were not helped by president and chairman Archie McCardell handing himself million-dollar bonuses and alienating the local United Auto Workers Union, which led to a strike of IH workers in 1979. In the 1980s, International Harvester was forced to sell off divisions and sold the IH name and logo to Tenneco in 1984. The company continued on under the name of Navistar, however, and Navistar International continues to make tractors, buses, engines, and medium- and heavy-duty trucks to this day. Due to the long history and popularity of International Harvester, there is quite a demand for genuine IH parts. There are several websites online where IH owners and enthusiasts can order parts for the IH vehicles and tractors. You can also search or ask for specific parts via the Binder Planet discussion forums, where participants can discuss specific models, general tractor technology, swap news about Navistar, inquire about restoration and ask questions about conversions. You can also make contacts with members of International Harvester clubs in your area, like the IH Scouts and Trucks of Oregon and the Heartland International Club, based in Kansas.

Tractor Data’s International Harvester Tractor Parts

Tractor Data.Com has a huge number of IH parts available. You can search by model, year, drive, series, power, or factory. Parts are for both newer- and older-model tractors, from the years 1910 through 1980. There is also a selection of parts from indeterminate years. Parts are not restricted to those from US factories, either. German, Australian, French, Canadian, and English parts can also be found.

Tractor Parts, Inc.

Tractor Parts, Inc. also sells International Harvester parts. These parts are categorized by system, such as brake systems, engine components, air intake systems, and cooling systems. Customers can purchase overhaul kits and engine valve train kits as well, along with sheet metal and cosmetic parts.

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