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Insurance Medical Travel - International Travel Medical Insurance - Medical Insurance for International Travelers, Liason International Travel Medical Insurance

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If you are going to be traveling internationally, especially if it is for an extended length of time, you may want to look into buying special medical insurance. Medical insurance for travel can be a good idea for people with certain conditions or just anyone who wants to ensure they do not have health problems while abroad. United States domestic medical insurance from HMOs, PPOs or Medicare do not cover international travel. Some countries allow non-residents to use their health systems, but this may be expensive and confusing, especially if you do not speak the language. Other countries may not allow you to use their health system at all without insurance. You may not even be able to get a visa to some countries without international medical insurance. For example, anyone wanting to stay in France on a long-term visitor’s visa must first show proof of medical insurance before the visa can be approved.

Liason International Travel Medical Insurance

There are several companies offering traveler’s medical insurance, with a number of types of coverage. Liason International offers insurance to US citizens traveling abroad, and non US citizens traveling outside the country. The company offers a group travel plan for ten people or more traveling together, which may be a good option for school or church groups or large families. Liason also has several long-term plans which cover an unlimited amount of time spent outside the US. Most can also be kept for six months upon return to the country, although one, the Global Citizen plan, can be kept indefinitely. A few of these plans have country restrictions. For example, the Global Citizen plan cannot be used for travel to Iraq, Israel or Afghanistan. The Reside Prime, however, has no restrictions, and the Economy Citizen Secure and the regular Citizen Secure both have restrictions only for countries under US trade embargo.

Medex International Medical Travel Insurance

Medex has both individual and group insurance plans. There are two basic individual plans, the Travmed Choice, which is for US residents abroad or foreign nationals traveling to the US, and the Travmed Abroad, which is only for US residents going outside the country. The Travemed Abroad has a fixed medical benefit of $100,000 and a fixed deductible of $25. Full medical benefits are offered up to the age of 85. The Travmed Choice, on the other hand, has benefit options for $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 or $500,000, with $100 or $250 deductibles. There is no age limit to the Travemed Choice, and the plan also comes with a sports rider for travelers into extreme activities.

Total Travel Medical Insurance

Total Travel has medical insurance and evacuation insurance. US citizens traveling abroad can buy plans with medical benefits, $250 deductibles and extra coverage for hazardous sports, terrorism, and incidental return home. Only emergencies are covered, however. Regular doctor visits are not part of the plan. Total Travel also has plans which include Canadian citizens and for multiple trips, with no deductibles for many of these.

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