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Current Stock Prices - Keeping Track of Your Stocks - Know What You Are Getting, Keep Track of Your Investments

How to Know if Your Stocks are Working for You

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If you are going to succeed in the stock market today, you need to know the current stock prices to make informed decisions. Millions have lost their savings when the market crashed. You want to make sure you are making the most from your money. Staying on top of the market prices will give you the advantage you need to increase your portfolio.

Know What You Are Getting

Before you purchase any stocks, you will want to know the sound stocks available. To find the best stocks you will have to research the current rates and trends. Checking rates is simple with the internet. Several companies allow you to view real time stock prices on their sites. For instance, you can go to MSN Money and get real time data. You can also use the New York Times. This will not give you real time data, but you will get the going rates on stocks daily. This newspaper will also give you the trends of current stocks. Look closely and make wise decisions when you are buying stocks.

Keep Track of Your Investments

Another great way to get up to date data on stocks is with your cell phone or PDA. Most phones offer programs where you can watch up to 20 stocks. When you opt for these services, you will get information from the trading floor on the current price of your stocks. This is a good way to know how your money is working for you. You will also have the opportunity to sell stocks the minute they begin to drop to avoid financial hardship. Most of these programs are free. The Yahoo! stock app is a good choice for those who want to stay connected on their cell phones..

If you are near a computer and want a stream of current stock prices, get a widget. Widgets are programs that install on newer computers. With a stock widget, you will have a stock scroll on your desktop giving you instant information. Try the Yahoo! Stock Ticker widget for your computer.

When planning for your retirement, most people use 401K options that purchase stocks. You want to make sure you have the funds you need when you retire. Keeping track of your stock portfolio is important. You want to make sure the stocks you have invested in are making money. Use these tools and you will know what your current stock prices are and when you will have to sell.

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