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Mini Air Conditioner - Keeping Your Home Cool Without Installing Central Air Conditioning

Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioning

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Summer seems to be bringing more heat. Window air conditioning units cannot keep up with the rising temperatures. If you do not have the resources to put in a window unit, mini air conditioners are perfect to keep you cool. Smaller AC units are more costly than a window air conditioner, but you have the option of placing air conditioners in several rooms without running ductwork throughout your home.

Mini air conditioning units consist of a condenser that is places outside the home and cooling units installed in the walls of the home. These units are slightly more expensive than a window unit is because a professional installs them. They are less expensive than a central unit is because there is no need for ductwork in the ceiling. A small condensing unit outside the home produces cooling to the units that are places in the walls of the home.

When you purchase a ductless air conditioner, a professional will place cooling units in your house. These units are most frequently placed over existing windows. This allows the HVAC professional to run the necessary piping to connect to the condensing unit. They will also run the electric lines to the inside coolers and the condenser. The installation consists of cutting a three-inch hole in the existing wall to run piping and wires. The piping connects to the condensing unit that provides cool air. Several cooling units are attached to the condenser unit. You can purchase the size unit you will need to cool several rooms in your home.

When you install a mini air conditioner, you will have the convenience of separate thermostats. Each cooling unit has separate controls where you can set temperatures or turn the unit off. This allows you to use a unit only when you are in a room unlike a central unit. You can also have units in several rooms of a house unlike window units that need to be in every room of the house. When you install a mini ductless system, you can expect to see a reduction of your energy costs. These systems are quieter and more cost efficient than window units and central air conditioning making it the perfect choice for homeowners.

Ductless air conditioners are bringing cooling systems to everyone. The low price makes it a viable option. If you want to keep cool this summer without the expense of a central system, buy a mini air conditioner and enjoy the convenience of larger units at a fraction of the cost of a window unit.

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