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Kirklands Home Decor - Kirkland's Home Decor Items - Kirkland’s Home Decor, Kirklands Candles, Kirklands Furniture, Kirklands Home Decor Textiles

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Kirkland’s is a home decor company based in the United States. The company has 279 stores in the US as of 2010, in 28 states. The first store was opened in 1966 in Jackson, Tennessee by Carl Kirkland, who still serves as the Chairman Emeritus. Kirkland’s sells specialty items for home decor, like framed art, rugs, artificial bouquets, lamps, and picture frames. Kirkland’s sells merchandise through its online site as well as through its local retails stores. The company is known for its distinctive and stylish merchandise. It offers the Designer Advantage program, which gives discounts of ten percent to professional home decorators who purchase client materials at Kirkland’s stores. The store also offers My Kirkland’s, which offers customers a chance to post reviews and participate in home decor discussions via the Kirkland’s message board. Members can ask questions to other members, and all customers can always inquire about home decorating ideas from the Kirkland’s retail staff.

Kirklands Candles

Kirkland’s candle department has a number of unique products available, both in-store and online. You can, of course, find a number of candles, such as the Cobblestone Jar Collection, which burn for approximately 130 hours and come in scents like Vanilla Brown Sugar, Pomegranate and Fresh Linen. You can also find monogrammed pillar and jar candles, and a round candle garden. You can put your candles in a bird candle runner holder, many kinds of wall sconces, hurricane holders, tiered candle runners and regular old upright candleholders. The candle department also has fragrance oils and burners.

Kirklands Furniture

Kirkland’s is not as well known for its furniture as it is for its accessories, but it does offer several kinds of small accents. There are three- and five-tiered accent and ladder shelves, bronze headboards, metal consoles, ottomans, and accent and parson chairs. Kirkland’s also sells a sleek chaise lounger, a wooden Bombe chest, butterfly floor screens, and half-round chests in orange, green, brown, black, and blue.

Kirklands Home Decor Textiles

Kirkland’s has a number of children’s and more elegant accent rugs. You can find rugs decorated with the alphabet and butterflies, camouflage, monograms, or simple shag. The textiles department also has monogrammed towels and quilted throw pillows in sage, red, and blue, and envelope-style pillows in shiny taupe, brown, and green.

Kirklands Gifts

Kirkland’s has several unusual gift items. You can buy a monogrammed wine glass set, a colorful pink-and-black leopard pajama set, and sassy aprons emblazoned with sayings like “Everyone has a price. Mine is chocolate” and “Sexy Women Have Messy Kitchens”. You can also find mirror trays, jewelry boxes, hand towel and soap sets, faux fur slippers and jeweled flip flops.

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almost 3 years ago

Searching for photo ladder-book shelves

Thank you.

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almost 5 years ago

i am interested in purchasing the cobblestone candles online. i first purchased them @ your outlet in Sevierville tn and I am addicted to the cafe mocha candles. please send me any information for purchasing. i live in Nashville but the kirklands store did not come back to the opry mills mall......much to my disappointment. please advise of other locations in nashville........and any coupons available would be appreciated. thank you.

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almost 6 years ago

Hello, I am interested to know how I can purchase a area rug I bought at Kirklands several years ago. This rug is animal print with zebra boarder. I want one desperately ! please advise.

Thank You