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Car Insurance Ladies - Ladies and Car Insurance

women companies buy rates

Women are safer drivers than men.

The insurance companies are not lying on this one. In 2007, Carnegie Mellon measured that men were 77% more likely to die in a fatal car accident than men. Sure, men might get where they’re going faster, but women get there more often. Lead feet, drunken driving, and failure to account for weather are among the many weights that have so drastically tilted this scale. In deciding who is cheaper to insure, women are a better investment for car insurance companies. Hands down.

Various factors contribute to the confidence car insurance companies have in their female clients, and many of them also result in cheaper rates. Consider, for example, the differing costs to insure sports cars vs. family vehicles.

Men buy Audis. Women buy Volvos. While a man might buy a car for speed or commodity, women tend to purchase cars based on price, safety, and other practical concerns. When deciding how much to charge these two demographics, insurance companies counted the number of Dodge Vipers going the speed limit and the number of women behind their wheels, eventually reaching the conclusion that, if anything was going to get wrecked, it was going to be one of those Vipers blasting down the interstate at a hundred and fifty miles per hour.

This trend results in a double benefit for women—even as they buy Volvos to save money on insurance, they are further rewarded for tending to make such sound investments. When searching for car insurance, ladies enjoy significantly better rates.

Reduced rates for families extend this benefit into marriage. The presence of a female partner soothes insurance companies, almost as though a woman’s touch is a supplemental form of insurance. It is a double standard, to be certain, but it is one which women have earned through years of intelligent, thoughtful ownership.

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