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Lake Homes For Sale - Lake Houses for Sale 2010 - The Benefits of a Home On the Lake

lakes expensive property minnesota

When thinking of buying new home, there are a number of considerations. Budget is paramount in most people’s minds, along with other practical criteria such as commute time, local schools, and property taxes. Waterfront property is especially sought-after, for several reasons. Homes by a lake are scenic, generally quiet, and offer lots of opportunities for swimming, boating, water skiing, and relaxing on the shores. However, there are drawbacks to trying to buy a home on a lake. Waterfront homes are almost always automatically more expensive than the same thing further ashore. Your house can be easily damaged by storms and floods, which will result in higher homeowners insurance as well. Many people think the positives outweigh the negatives, however, and there are lakes all over the United States with homes for sale.

Lake Homes for Sale in Minnesota

Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, and for good reason. There are so many lakes in Minnesota that the number of them which are larger than ten acres actually exceeds 10,000. This adds up to a lot of lakefront property for sale, in almost every region of the state. National Park Condos has several cabins for sale on lakes in Voyagers National Park, and are surrounded by park land. These properties are meant more as vacation destinations than permanent homes, but owners can use their own property as they see fit. Interested purchasers can also rent a unit to see the area and check out the cabins before proceeding with any further inquiries, and rental costs can be applied toward purchasing a home. Other lakefront homes in Minnesota range from very expensive homes priced at half a million dollars or more to less expensive homes priced at around $150,000.

Lake Homes for Sale in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is also home to a number of lakes, mostly clustered in the northwestern part of the state. Homes around Shell Lake can go for around $150,000, while homes near Cyclone Lake are a bit more expensive, in the $200,000 range. A three bedroom home on Lake Gilmore can be owned for as little as $130,000, or payments of $652 per month.

Lake Homes for Sale in Texas

Most lakes in Texas are man-made, but this does not stop them from being large and beautiful. There are a surprising amount of lakes in this big, hot state, including Lake Conroe, Lake Worth, Benbrook Lake, Lake Arlington, Joe Pool Lake and Hubbard Creek Lake. Waterfront homes at Lake Conroe range in the $300,000 to $500,000 area. Homes on Hubbard Creek Lake are considerably less expensive, and go for around $120,000, while homes on Lake Ray Roberts are quite expensive indeed, many selling for close to a million dollars.

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