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Larnaca Cheap Flights - Larnaca Cheap Flights: Your Ticket to Paradise on Cyprus - Rule #1: Be Flexible

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Planning an exciting escape to the Mediterranean paradise that is Larnaca? Sitting on the island nation of Cyprus, this coastal city offers tourists amazing ocean scenery, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and a deeply historical culture. But Larnaca is a long way away, so getting there is going to take both some time and some money! Here is a guide to getting the best bang for your buck as you plan your vacation to this island getaway.

Rule #1: Be Flexible

This is the #1 rule of cheap airfare to any location, not just Larnaca. To get the best possible price, you simply have to be flexible on the dates you choose. If you absolutely need to fly somewhere on a high-volume day, you will just have to be resigned to a bigger chunk being taken from your wallet. It doesn’t even really matter if you’re planning months in advance or last minute – if you’re flexible with your schedule and spend the time necessary to look at many different vacation dates, your pocketbook will end up a lot happier.

When you plan your trip to Larnaca, try to do it either very far in advance (to take advantage of early-bird fares or other travel packages) or last-minute (when airlines are scrambling to fill any leftover empty seats). But be warned, the latter option can be a lot more stressful, and you’re not guaranteed of finding empty seats for the flight you want.

Also try a variety of interim cities. If you can find super cheap flight to a major city in Europe, chances are you’ll be able to find a fairly good rate to get from there to Larnica. Arranging your own transfers like this could save you some serious cash.

Rule #2: Use the Power of the Net

First, try Travelocity’s Flexible Date Search to get a general idea of the best days to travel within a certain time frame. This tool is invaluable because it saves you the time of entering individual travel dates over and over again to find the days with the best rates. The bigger the timeframe you search for, the more chances you have of getting a great deal. Try to at least be open to about a two or three-week window. Orbitz.com also has flexible date options that you can try.

Once you have found the cheapest flight periods by using the above-mentioned tools, it’s time to do some deep internet digging with Kayak.com. Here, you type the specific day that you want to leave, and Kayak will query all of the major flight providers and travel sites to find the absolute cheapest advertised fare. Again, you’re saving hours of time by entering the information only once and receiving responses from dozens of carriers.

Rule #3: Use Packages Wisely

Big travel sites and local travel agencies also love to offer vacation deals. If your trip to Larnaca also includes a hotel stay, why not wrap them up together in a package and save big potential dollars? Just make sure that you do your homework first, checking the individual prices of the flight and hotel fares. Don’t just take their word for it when they tell you how much you’re saving with a package deal – look it up for yourself to find the real-world pricing!

You can find some great vacation ideas (and maybe even some great travel deals) at sites that are devoted exclusively to Larnaca tourism. They are definitely worth a look before you finalize your plans. Check out DiscoverLarnaca.com for some great travel deals to Larnaca or to other destinations on Cyprus.

Also check out Larnaca.com for some great information on the city itself. They have great pictures of local attractions and a lot of useful information for tourists, so it is a must-see before you go.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to finding cheap flights to Larnaca. May your Cyprus vacation be full of memories that will last a lifetime!

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