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Lean Manufacturing Jobs - Lean Manufacturing Jobs—Job Description, Requirements and Outlook - Job Description, Education, Training, Outlook

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Lean manufacturing jobs involve the generation of more value from less work. The responsibilities of a lean manufacturing specialist include improvement of safety standards, product quality and operation costs.

Job Description

Lean manufacturing experts apply the following five ‘laws of lean’ to manufacturing operations:

1.) Law of the market, which states that the highest priority should be given to customers.

2.) Law of flexibility, according to which a flexible process is the fastest.

3.) Law of focus, which states that 20% of all manufacturing activities are responsible for 80% of the delays and defects, and one should focus on those 20% of problems for maximum improvement in waste reduction, cycle time, and efficiency.

4.) Law of velocity, according to which the more work in progress (WIP) one has, the more lead time and wasted time the process has.

5.) Law of complexity, which states that complexity adds non-value—keeping it simple is keeping it lean.

The facilitators identify the activities that are not adding any value to the process, and then redesign the manufacturing process to eliminate these activities.


Lean manufacturing jobs for facilitators normally require a bachelor’s degree in a field such as mechanical engineering, manufacturing, industrial engineering, or engineering technology. However, some employers give preference to master degree holders in these areas. Six Sigma certification from a reputable manufacturing organization and formal training/certification in lean manufacturing are other qualifications that one may need to get a lean manufacturing job. Some employers prefer their lean manufacturing facilitators to have training or facilitating experience, while others search for individuals who have proved that they are capable of implementing Six Sigma and lean manufacturing tools in a manufacturing environment. Master’s degrees with concentrations in lean manufacturing are available as well. Six Sigma is a business management strategy that is applied in many sectors of industry. The strategy is designed to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes.


A Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering can include a minor in lean manufacturing. A lot of colleges that offer industrial engineering programs also have courses in lean manufacturing for students doing their masters in business administration. The Institute of Industrial Engineers offers certificate courses in lean manufacturing. Some consulting organizations also have lean manufacturing and lean six sigma training courses. Acquiring these skills can prove useful when applying for lean manufacturing jobs.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, output of manufactured goods is expected to increase, and an increasing number of companies are making much effort to increase their level of efficiency by getting more done with fewer workers; therefore, the demand for lean manufacturing facilitators is bright. The greatest lean manufacturing jobs for facilitators are in the High-technology industries. According to Indeed.com, the average lean manufacturing facilitator salary is $88,000 in 2010.

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