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School Psychologist Jobs - Learn About School Psychologist Jobs - Education Needed, Job Duties, Pay Rate for School Psychologist Jobs

What Does a School Psychologist Do?

students degree psychologists help

School psychologists play an important role in the lives of students, parents and faculty. Those interested in becoming a school psychologist need to understand the education requirements, job description and pay rates. Then, they will be able to decide if this type of job is right for them.

Education Needed

Before someone can get a job in school psychology, he or she must get the proper education. While school districts have different requirements, most require that applicants have an undergraduate degree in psychology or education. Then, they will need to complete a masters or specialist degree. They can obtain a specialist degree in school psychology or a masters in counseling, psychology or school psychology.

Job Duties

School psychologists are required to perform a wide variety of duties. They work with students, faculty and even parents. Psychologists may have to counsel students about personal or educational issues, help them make career choices or create a plan so they can stay on track with their education. They help assess and place students with learning disabilities and in some cases, help integrate those students back into standard classrooms. School psychologists also help faculty members create better environments for their students. They help with time management and organization.

Pay Rate for School Psychologist Jobs

According to PayScale, school psychologists make between $44,279 and $63,566 per year. They also receive bonuses between $550 and $3,000, along with profit sharing between $100 and $3,000.

While these are the average salaries, people must realize certain factors will change the amount of money someone makes. For instance, those who have more education will likely make more money than someone will less education will. Also, people who work for larger school districts will probably make more money than someone in a smaller school district will make.

If you think a school psychologist job is right for you, enroll in school so you can get your degree. After you earn your degree, update your resume and begin applying for jobs. You will find there are lots of school psychologist jobs available.

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