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Wine And Cheese Baskets - Learn How to Make Wine and Cheese Baskets - Pick a Basket, Select Wine and Cheese, Finalize Your Basket

Make Wine and Cheese Baskets in a Few Simple Steps

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Wine and cheese baskets make fabulous gifts. Many people choose to purchase premade baskets, but you can make your own by following a few simple steps. After following the steps, you will have a delicious basket you can deliver to a friend, family member or coworker.

Pick a Basket

Before you start purchasing wine and cheese, you will need to find a basket. Use a basket you have at home, or browse through the inventory at a store. Companies like Dean & Deluca sell baskets for this very purpose. Select a basket that will best suit your needs. Since a wine and cheese basket is an elegant gift, pick a basket that is elegant as well. Baskets made of wicker or similar materials look great, and thus, are an excellent choice for these cheese baskets.

Select Wine and Cheese

Next, you need to pick the wine and cheese. You cannot simply select any wine and cheese and throw it into the basket. You need to find wine and cheese that complement each other. For instance, Ardrahan cheese goes with Pinot Noir or Chianti, while blue cheese goes with Tawny Port or Sherry. Use a wine and cheese pairing guide so you can find the best combinations.

Finalize Your Basket

Purchase the wine and cheese, and then prepare to dress up your basket. Include complimentary gifts in your wine and cheese gift basket that will be useful to the recipient. Think about the recipient’s personality and then select gifts accordingly. For instance, if someone is a wine connoisseur, they might like a wine thermometer. Someone who enjoys sangria may like an assortment of fruits they can mix with the wine. You can also include crackers, corkscrews, bottle stops and other items.

Next, include a card in the basket. The card should be simple and to the point, much like a card for flowers. Your card should signify the occasion. Write a short note and stick it in the basket. Display the card in a prominent position so the recipient will find it easily.

Then, you can deliver your basket. Drop it off to the recipient so he can enjoy the wine and cheese you thoughtfully prepared for him.

Wine and cheese baskets make excellent gifts, and they are simple to make. If you want to give something to someone who has everything, consider giving him or her a basket. They can enjoy delicious wine and cheese, and they will appreciate the hard work and thoughtfulness that went into the gift.

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