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Dooney And Bourke Wallets - Leather Dooney and Bourke Wallets for Men and Women

brown pocket fashion line

Dooney and Bourke wallets are a pricey, fashion-conscious choice for both men and women. Though they offer less expensive materials like nylon, the true Dooney and Bourke claims to fame are stylish leather wallets which fit snugly into a back pocket or handbag.

In choosing any wallet, size and function are paramount. In men’s fashion, size is determined largely by the pocket meant to receive the wallet, ranging from bulging but easily organized trifold to the slim and less robust bifold. Men’s wallets are available in two shades of brown, each at around $100: the dark brown, almost woodsy “Exclusive;” and the aptly-named light brown “Alto.” Women’s wallets come in many more flavors, most of which tend toward daintiness.

For women’s fashion, Dooney and Bourke offer a broad range of small credit card wallets. They continue the Alto line with light shades of green, pink, blue, and others, all of which manage to look feminine without slipping into girliness at a little over $200. Among these, the most ambitious is the “alto zipper pocket organizer wristlet,” a tidy eight-inch model which hangs from the wrist on a slender yet durable strap.

Other tiny designs come with a touch of playfulness. Leather zebra-print and giraffe-print wallets allow for a touch of zany exoticism at about $150. Bright colors stitched to a brown leather base adorn the Fairfield Line, making loud statements not just with its brilliant reds and thorough lavenders but also with its signature sleeping horse logo.

Patterned leather scales adorn the Amazon line, which runs roughly $250. Unlike the dainty zebra and Alto lines, this robust wallet could survive at trip through the jungle for which it was named. Ten credit card slots and two compartments provide a rewarding blend of form and function, and its smooth leather lining contrasts nicely with its rough exterior.

Leather Dooney and Bourke wallets are popular among both men and women for their style and durability. With simple yet carefully chosen colors, a dash of playfulness, and the durability afforded by carefully crafted leather, Dooney and Bourke wallets provide a handsome product at a price.

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