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South Florida University - Life at the University of South Florida - Living on Campus, Student Organizations, Athletics, Admittance Requirements

With Sports, Organizations and Lots to Do, Students Have Fun on the University's Campus

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If you are considering enrolling at the University of South Florida, take some time to learn about the school. After learning about the campus life, student organizations, sports and enrollment requirements, you will be ready to become a part of the university.

Living on Campus

With almost 23,000 undergraduate students, the University of South Florida is a busy place. Because of that, it has its own community for students. The University of South Florida’s campus is similar to a residential community. With a post office and credit union, students can tend to their affairs while on campus. They also have a bookstore, where they can purchase textbooks, apparel and gifts.

Students can stay in a residence hall and eat with the USFC Dining Services. All of these services and features make it easy for students who are living away from home.

Student Organizations

The University of South Florida has over 400 student organizations. The organizations cover a broad range of interests, including political, academic, multicultural and religious.

The campus also has fraternities and sororities. These social organizations are very popular with students.


The University of South Florida is the home of the Bulls. The Bulls belong to the Big East Conference and compete in various sports. Some of the most popular sports are football, baseball, softball and basketball. Sports fans are invited to stop by and watch the action as the Bulls take on teams from around the United States.

Admittance Requirements

The University looks at ACT or SAT scores and GPAs when considering students for admittance. The University of South Florida has its own system for calculating GPAs. Most colleges look at the GPAs students earned at their high schools. This university ignores that number. Instead, they look at the grades earned in the core academic programs and calculate the GPA based on those classes. In addition, they look at approved advanced placement, international baccalaureate, dual enrollment, AICE and honors courses and factor them into the GPA as well. Students receive an additional half quality point for honors classes, and a full quality point for the other types of classes listed. However, students must receive a “C” or better in these classes in order to get the additional points.

The University of South Florida has a lot to offer students. The diverse campus manages to meet the needs of a wide variety of students. From its organizations to its sporting events, everyone can find a home at the University of South Florida.

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