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Local Phone Companies - Local Phone Companies in Arlington, Texas - The City of Arlington, Texas, Local Phone Companies in Arlington

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The city of Arlington, Texas may not be quite as well known as its counterpart in Virginia, but this will soon change if city residents have their way. Even in a large state like Texas, Arlington is unique. It is the home of the University of Texas at Arlington, which has world-class nursing and engineering departments. It is also the home to a large number of the major tourist attractions in North Texas, including Hurricane Harbor, Ranger’s Ballpark, and the original Six Flags Over Texas. Arlington is also the new home of the Dallas Cowboys, whose Cowboys Stadium will be the site of the 2011 Super Bowl. Arlington also has a number of smaller and more intimate attractions, such as the independent organic restaurant Potager, where guests pay according to what they think the meal deserved, the Roman Catholic church of Saint Mary the Virgin, a beautiful Anglican-use parish whose services feature an outstanding choir, classical music, Latin, and an old-fashioned communion rail.

Local Phone Companies in Arlington

Arlington is a growing city and has a number of phone companies serving the local area. One of the biggest is AT&T, which offers broadband and wireless services in addition to landlines and cell phone service. AT&T sells a number of models of cell phones, including Nokias, Samsungs, Sony-Ericssons, and iPhones. AT&T has numerous service bundles as well. The cheapest is the home phone and Internet service, which in 2010 was going for $25 per month. The company also has packages for home phone and digital TV; phone, Internet and TV; and home phone, Internet and wireless gateway.

Metro PCS is another local phone company in Arlington. Metro PCS is an exclusively wireless company, which allows it to sell a number of cell phones with numerous features for less than other companies. Metro PCS has deals on Samsung, Moto, Kyocera, and Huawei phones, which come with Bluetooth connectivity, cameras, MP3 players, optional memory, text messaging and web browsing capabilities. The company has several kinds of phone plans, all of which include regulatory fees and taxes. The least expensive plan has unlimited local and nation-wide calls, unlimited text messaging, unlimited pictures and unlimited web access, as well as voice mail. The most expensive plan, going for $60 per month, includes all of these features plus international text messaging, GPS, and email access. Other popular mobile phone and wireless companies which serve Arlington include T-Mobile and Verizon.

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