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San Diego Rental Property - Locating San Diego Rental Property - San Diego Rental Property Neighborhoods, Advantages of San Diego Rental Property

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San Diego is the second-largest city in California, having a population of over 1.3 million people. Among the top industries in San Diego is tourism. Visitors are attracted to San Diego’s beaches, parks, city life, which is free from the ugly raised freeways and smog of Los Angeles to the north. Some of the top attractions after the beach include SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo, and the State Historic Park. San Diego is also home to many annual conventions and events, such as Comic-Con, the Street Scene Music Festival, and the Buick Invitational Golf Tournament.

Because of the large tourism industry, San Diego rental property is plentiful and easy to locate. Vacation rentals consisting of seaside houses and condominiums line the beachfronts of Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, and Ocean Beach. Rental property in San Diego ranges from affordable, modest condo units reminiscent of hotel suites to luxury beach houses that go for thousands of dollars per week. Most of these vacation rentals in San Diego have both short-term and long-term rates with specials for daily, weekly, and monthly.

Beach communities where San Diego rental property is located are the ideal spots for vacations. So many different activities are available in each neighborhood. Beach activities include sun tanning, surfing, swimming, motor boating, snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing. Beach activities are not all that is available, however. Other activities include shopping, dining, and nightclub hopping.

San Diego Rental Property Neighborhoods

Out of all the neighborhoods where rental property in San Diego can be found, three stand out above the rest:

Mission Beach – Mission Beach is the most popular neighborhood for San Diego vacation rentals. It is located on a sandbar between Mission Bay and Pacific. Visitors love the neighborhood because it is on the beach but still near the bay, so they get the best of both worlds. Visiting all the attractions of Mission Beach is made simple by the community boardwalk so leisurely strolls or bike rides can be used to get some fresh air on the way. Vacation rentals are located on both fronts of Mission Beach, the beach side and the bay side. Rentals range from affordable condos to luxury estates.

Pacific Beach – Directly north of Mission Beach is Pacific Beach. It is very similar to its southern cousin except that there are even more opportunities for shopping and dining. The nightlife on Pacific Beach is also more popular.

Ocean Beach – On the south end of Mission Beach is Ocean Beach. Ocean Beach is known for being a little more relaxed and laid back. It is the perfect setting for just relaxing on the beach, shopping, or trying out different restaurants.

Advantages of San Diego Rental Property

San Diego vacation rentals have several advantages over simply booking an ordinary hotel room. Vacation rentals offer much more space than a hotel room could ever give. Full bedrooms and beds can be used instead of having to rely on sofa beds and roll-aways. Separate living and sleeping quarters also help to provide a little privacy and some of the comforts of home.

Full kitchens with utensils, dishes, and cookware are also available so there is an option besides eating every meal from a restaurant. This is a great benefit for those who are traveling on a budget.

Most vacation rentals also come with entertainment centers containing a television, DVD player, and a stereo/CD player. Many rentals have private swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and game rooms so entertainment does not always have to be in public.

When comparing all the amenities and space, vacation rentals in San Diego end up being more affordable than hotel rooms or suites.

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