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Thermal Cd Printer - Looking for the Best Thermal CD Printer?

Available Thermal Printers for CDs and DVDs

ribbon printing color windows

Are you in the market for a thermal CD printer? There are many available products, depending upon your needs, from various brands for home or office use. There is also a vast difference in price. Thermal printers produce images by either using a heat-sensitive ribbon or thermal paper. Depending upon the type of ribbon determines the amount of color available. Most consume less power than the color inkjet printers which transfer liquid ink onto the surface of a special “inkjet-printable” disc.

Casio makes a thermal printer for CDs and DVDs called the Casio Blu-Ray Thermal Printer CD/DVD CW-E60. The printable area is 74mm X 16mm with available color printing ribbons of monochrome black, blue, silver, red, and green. Operation under Window 3.1, and 95 or Windows XP Professional x64 Edition as well as on a MacIntosh and Mac OS is not supported. The printing speed is 8 mm/second and for the hard disk, requirements are at least 40 MB for installation and 60 MB to run the applications. The minimum recommended memory requirement is 128 MB. This particular thermal printer for CD and DVDs is approximately $140.00.

The Primera Inscripta Thermal CD Printer retails at a price of approximately $2,500.00. Its monochrome ribbon comes in colors such as orange, red, royal blue, brown, and black. It does not offer support for MacIntosh and UNIX and is only available for Windows platforms Win9X and WinNT/2k; however, Primera offers for purchase the Inscripta’s SDK programming for Mac and UNIX. The printing speed is approximately 10 seconds per panel. The monochrome ribbon will do 700 prints.

On a larger scale, the Rimage Blu-Ray Thermal Printer CD/DVD Prism Plus MPN:CDPRS-11 has a printing speed of .65 inches/second at 300 × 300 dpi’s. The effective print area is 115 mm (4.5 inches) when printing to 120 mm media. There is a CD designer for Windows to install which is included. The system requirements are a Pentium or greater with minimum 64MB RAM (Windows XP requires 128 MB. The ribbon capacity for a 3-color CMY (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) panel ribbon for 500 images per ribbon or Monochrome (red, black, or blue) ribbon for 2,100 full CD images. The approximate cost for this thermal CD printer is $8,300.00.

The TEAC Blu-Ray/CD/DVD Thermal Printer P-55C-210 has a ribbon capacity of 500 images per ribbon (Color, Photo, VersaMax) and 2000 images monochrome black ribbon. Printing speeds are measured by disc per hour with the VersaMax (68 discs per hour), Black (104 discs per hour), Photo (58 disc per hour) and Color (68 discs per hour). The CD designer for Windows is included. The Printer Driver requires Windows CISTA/XP, Linux Fedora 9, 32-bit. This thermal CD printer unit is priced at approximately $6,500.00.

Depending on the use, a thermal CD printer can be very inexpensive or extremely pricey. If it is for home use, a slower version with less ability is the better choice. If looking for a thermal CD printer for business use, you might want to choose one of the above recommended thermal CD printer units to start.

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