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Harley Davidson Prices - Making Sense of Harley Davidson Prices - Sportster, Dyna, Softail, VRSC, Touring, Trike, CVO

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Harley Davidson produces so many different motorcycle lines (and sub-models within each line) that it can be overwhelming to a newcomer. Here is a guide that lays out the basics of each class, their benefits, and price ranges. Each class is made for certain riding styles, and has a range of power options within it. (Prices listed are basic model prices; they can get more expensive with added features).


$6,999 – 10,799

The Sportsters use a classic low-riding Harley design, delivering agility and bare style to the rider. Sporsters don’t have many flashy bells and whistles on the outside, but they deliver solid Harley street cruiser power, especially at higher levels.


$11,999 – 14,499

The Dyna class offers a great deal of customizability, with a variety of different colors and styles to choose from. Each Dyna offers the power of a twin-cam “Big Twin” engine. The Dynas are your classic “Choppers” and “Bobbers”.


$15,999 – 19,499

Softail offers classic titles (Fat Boy) and stellar style (Rocker C). The Softail Custom boasts excellent comfort for rider and passenger, making it the self-proclaimed “king of the two-up custom cruisers”. Burly twin-cam air-cooled engines power these beasts.


$14,999 – 17,199

The VRSC series is powered by liquid-cooled Revolution V-twin engines, and decked out with street-savvy style. These bikes are solid power cruisers that turn heads like no tomorrow.


$16,999 – 24,699

These bikes are engineered for comfort, smooth performance, and long-haul reliability. They are the ideal choice for true road warriors who take laps around the country just for fun. They have extra features designed for the comfort of the travel-rider, like built-in luggage compartments and even wrap-around seats.


$26,999 – 29,999

These bikes offer even more luggage space and greater stability than the Touring models, which is great for long-haul riders. They definitely stand out in a crowd, and that’s just what some riders are all about. Like the touring bikes, they are designed with comfort and luxury in mind for long cruises.


$25,299 – 35,999

These bikes offer some of the most powerful rides known to man, powered by Harley’s “Screamin’ Eagle” V-twin engines and decked out in all sorts of custom styles. At the top end of the Harley price scale, these beasts demand respect on the road.

That’s it for this crash-course in Harley Davidson prices. Now you should have a better idea of the different classes and their price ranges, so you’ll be prepared when you walk into the dealership. Check out the Harley Davidson website for more details on each bike, and to find a dealer in your area. Happy riding!

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