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Jamaica Travel Deals - Making the Most of Your Jamaican Vacation - Room Deals, Room and Flight Deals, All Inclusive Deals

Tips on Saving Money on Your Trip to Jamaica

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The beautiful weather, sweeping beaches and tropical atmosphere have made Jamaica one of the most sought-after travel destinations. When planning your vacation, you will want to take advantage of the Jamaica travel deals to make the most of your trip. Due to the popularity of this destination, you can find deals on your hotel, hotel and flight or even all-inclusive packages.

Room Deals

One of your main expenses in your vacation is your hotel room. Make the most of your stay by taking advantage of the deals available. You can find good deals by contacting hotels directly or through a travel agency. Look at online travel agencies like TNT Vacations before you book your room.

One deal is at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Montego Bay. You can receive one-week accommodations at this resort for $750 through TNT Vacations. If you were to get the same room through Holiday Inn, you would pay $190 per night. You can save nearly 50% on your room when you use TNT Vacation. This hotel offers rooms on the beach. The resort offers 4 restaurants, six bars and a large pool.

Room and Flight Deals

You can also get a great deal when you book your flight and hotel in the same location. If you use Expedia you can get your flights and a room at the Ritz-Carlton Rose Hall for 7 days for $1500. This resort is the home to 5 restaurants, a world class golf course and spa treatments. Each room at this hotel comes with beach views and upgraded amenities.

All Inclusive Deals

One of the best ways to save on your Jamaican vacation is to take advantage of an all-inclusive package. These packages provide your flights, room, meals and drinks. You can take advantage of an all inclusive deal at the Sunset at the Palms Resort for $1508. With this package, you will have full access to the resort activities. Your meals each night at one of the four restaurants on the resort are included complete with taxes and gratuity. You will also have full access to the jet skis and water activities at the resort. At night, this resort comes to life with several clubs and lounges. Most of the all-inclusive deals include drinks, but you can choose deals with no drinks for a slightly smaller fee.

Make the most of your Jamaican vacation with a travel deal. When you find the right deal, you will have the room with a view at a great price. Why spend a fortune on your vacation, when you can have money left over to enjoy your time away?

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