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Massage Tables Portable - Massage Tables with Portable Options

accessories masseuse aluminum provide

Your table has to be comfortable for you and adjustable to fulfill a variety of positions for the different needs your clients will have. The combination of the way you use your body weight and the versatility of the table, rather than the strength of your hands, makes it important that the table conforms to your specifications. Take your time and shop around. You need to keep in mind the types of therapy you practice in order to find the massage table that will best suit your needs.

Flat, firm tables are ideal for shiatsu massage. On the other hand, reflexology or reiki need options that allow the patient to sit up. Many other massage techniques require different accessories in order to provide comfort for the client and efficiency for the masseuse.

Wood tables are heavier but less expensive than their aluminum counterparts. Aluminum tables are not only lighter, but also more durable. Aluminum offers more durability in situations where you need to change the table positions and alternate different accessories in order to make the table usable for each client. Most of these highly versatile aluminum tables weigh less than thirty pounds.

Massage table for in-home use have less expensive portable table options and will provide satisfactory results. Dismantle the table and store it away in the event that you need the area it occupies. These tables are perfect for giving your spouse a massage or having a masseuse come to your home. The tables are strong, but they are not professional quality and they will have a limited amount of accessories available. Decide before you purchase how flexible you will need your table to be.

Tables for massage students are light weight and can fold into carrying cases for ease of portability. These tables are great for beginners while they transition from student to professional. However, these tables have limited accessories so the masseuse will eventually want a massage table that provides more options.

Professional grade massage tables, portable and stationary, vary greatly in price. The tables are built to last through many years and many clients. The accessories with these tables allow the masseuse to set it up to suit any client and their needs.

There are many accessories and options available for massage tables. Some tables lie flat while others can be tilted. Massage tables have accessories that include adjustable head rests, face portals, arm rests, foot rests, table extenders and a pregnancy table option. Many companies provide packages that include a variety of the accessories you will need for an affordable price.

When considering durability you want to consider the strength of frame, the foam and the covering. There are different foam densities and different types of upholstery options to consider and they need to be of good quality. A carrying case will make the table even more portable for packing it to a clients’ home on the bus or setting up outside on a beautiful day. As part of the research consider the warranty and what is included and for how long. The table you choose should fit your needs, your budget and last for years.

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