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New Balance 810 - New Balance 810—Men's Running Shoes

road trail runners provide

Off road running is a sport that a lot of people are involved in these days. The reason behind this trend is the fact that running off road is a different experience compared to running in the streets, with the pollution. In the past, running on trail was not a simple task because the running shoes available in the market were designed for soft terrains and concrete pavements, which led to different injuries for trail runners. In recent times, however, shoe manufacturing companies have started to pay attention to the needs of off road runners, and have started focusing on factors like traction, impact absorption and ankle support.

The New Balance 810 trail shoe by New Balance is one of the off road shoe options available to runners. New Balance has the distinction of being one of the first shoe manufacturing companies to develop off road shoes.

Purchasing a shoe for off road running is, in some respects, a unique process. Buyers have to take into account all the materials that they will encounter during their run. The shoe must have some key features to perform well on off road terrain. One of these factors is a tread that properly grips the surface. This New Balance 810 has the AT Tread to provide grip to the runner. At first glance, the tread may appear like a soccer cleat to some viewers. The spikes are sharp and trenches are wide and deep. This feature of the shoe provides excellent traction, even when the running surface is wet.

Another feature of a good quality trail running shoe is support. Running on a smooth surface is different from running on a trail. Due to the nature of the terrain, the probability of slipping and falling is high. This is the reason behind the frequency of ankle injuries among off road runners. In order to protect themselves against injuries, runners should use the shoes that provide proper support to the ankle and knee. The New Balance 810 has ABZORB shock absorbing features
and a C-CAP mid sole cushion to provide support to the runner.

The final quality that a trail shoe should have is strength. Off road running is heavy on the shoes, therefore, the shoe must be tough and durable. Ndurance rubber compound of the New Balance 810 is used to provide outer sole durability.

The New Balance 810 Men’s Trail Running Shoe is available for $ 89.95 at amazon.com.

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