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New Balance Elliptical - New Balance Elliptical Trainer Review - New Balance 5.5 Elliptical Trainer, Specifications

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New Balance is one of the most respected names in sports shoes and athletic products. Since the 1970s, the company has built its reputation by using and improving sports technology into athletic equipment and footwear. In 2003, New Balance attempted to expand its offerings by partnering with Fitness Quest to manufacture and distribute a line of treadmills, stationary bicycles, and elliptical trainers. Fitness Quest is best-known for their TV marketing campaigns and Tony Little fitness equipment. To be honest, Fitness Quest is not known for their reputation of making quality fitness equipment, and their products are not usually bought by serious sports enthusiasts.

It comes as no surprise that the New Balance/Fitness Quest partnership failed. New Balance fitness equipment is no longer available from either company. However, some of the equipment, including the New Balance elliptical trainers, can still be found for sale at some specialty fitness equipment dealers, most notably those with an online presence. The question remains as to what caused the low sales of New Balance elliptical machines. Was it due to a bad marketing program and the reputation of fitness quest, or was it due to faulty craftsmanship and bad design?

New Balance 5.5 Elliptical Trainer

The New Balance 5.5 is the entry-level model elliptical trainer. It is ergonomically designed and has a small footprint. New balance elliptical trainers use what they call ComForm Technology. ComForm design gives the machine ergonomic hand grips and oversized, comfortable foot platforms.


LCD display
• Heart rate monitor
• 16 programs
• 8 magnetic resistance levels
• Dimensions: 41” long x 22” wide x 60” high
• Weight: 93 lbs.
• List price: $599.99

The New Balance 5.5 is a decent low-end elliptical trainer for those who cannot afford anything more. It assembles easily, but lacks many key features such as adjustable stride. For $100 more, the 8.0e is a much better deal.

New Balance 8.0e Elliptical Trainer

The 8.0e model of New Balance elliptical also uses the ComForm Technology. Features include pulse sensors on the handles and a focus bar that displays heart-rate information. This model is made to be used comfortably for anyone from 5’1” to 6’6” tall.


• 16 electronic resistance levels
• Hand-grip heart-rate sensors
• 5-groove poly V drive system
• 12 programs with 4 user-defined programs
• Requires an AC adapter and 2 AA batteries
• Dimensions: 52” L x 24” W x 60” H
• Weight: 125 lbs.
• List Price: $699.99

This is a good entry-level elliptical trainer but it lacks the features of the higher-priced models.

New Balance 9.0 Elliptical Trainer

The 9.0 model is designed to give users a fully professional feel in the comfort of their own homes. It uses the ComForm Technology and can accommodate anyone from 5’1 to 6’6 tall. It is constructed of steel for strength and durability and has wheels for easy transport. The focus bar provides stability during workouts, and the large display features a large chart window and a quick-start button.


• Dot matrix display with readouts for heart rate, speed, time, distance, and calories burned
• Hand pulse-grip sensors
• 13 programs, including 2 customizable
• 8 magnetic resistance levels
• 18” stride
• Requires AC adapter and 4 C batteries
• Easy assembly
• Dimensions: 85” L x 22” W x 65” H
• Weight: 176 lbs.
• List Price: $1599

This model is for the serious fitness enthusiast. It is smooth, comfortable, and durable, with features appropriate to its price-level.

New Balance 9.5e Elliptical Trainer

The 9.5e model is the top-of-the-line for New Balance ellipticals. This product has been called the ultimate in home training. As with the other models, it uses ComForm Technology. Other features include heart rate monitor with chest strap, skid-resistant platforms, and pulse handgrips. It is constructed of solid steel and has wheels for easy transportation.


• 18” stride
• 16 levels of magnetic resistance
• 15 programs with 4 customizable
• Requires an AC adapter and 2 AA batteries
• Large, dot matrix display
• Dimensions: 85” L x 22” W x 66.5” H
• Weight: 176 lbs.
• List Price: $1999

The 9.5e is solidly built, but complaints have surfaced that other brands of trainers priced over $2000 provide more support. Consumer Reports Magazine rates the 9.5e as “very good.”

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