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New Balance Running Shoe - New Balance Running Shoe - Professional Fit for the Everyday Athlete

Types of New Balance Running Shoes

support cushioning comfort heel

Starting as an arch support company in the early 1900s in Boston, New Balance has become a leader globally in providing athletic products for professional as well as everyday athletes. The New Balance running shoe offers widths and sizes to fit a variety of feet to bring comfort and pleasure with optimum performance. Width sizes are important to maintain a healthy foot and that is why NB has width sizes from x-narrow to xx-wide. The standard width size for men’s shoes is D and the standard for women is B. New Balance sales have grown from $210 million in 1991 to over $2 billion today, and this corporation remains true to the American workforce with 5 manufacturing plants in the U.S., 3 in Maine and 2 in Massachusetts, while New Balance competitors have taken their business overseas.

If you are looking for a lightweight New Balance running shoe that targets cushioning and support, you may want to try one of the core shoes. It is available in all sizes with widths A to D and weighs approximately 12oz. It is the New Balance running shoe model M498 with ABZORB cushioning in the heel. ABZORB is a top of the line, foam like material (a blend of Dupont Engage, Isoprene Rubber, and other materials) that provides the signature comfort customers like about the New Balance running shoe.

For the marathon runner, the MR1064 is an ideal fit for you. With SURE LACE, you will receive the midfoot support that you need. This model shoe has an Ortholite foam insert offering odor resistant and breathable cushioning. ABZORB FL gives the cushioning in the heel but adds a shock absorption quality for long distance running comfort. The LIGHTNING DRY liner prevents moisture from interfering with your training.

If you are a competitive track and field runner, the MD506 is a lightweight (weighing 6.7oz) New Balance running shoe that offers the support you need for sprinting, running distances, and jumping. The NLOCK feature offers external support at the midfoot level to keep the shoe snug. This shoe has a removable spike feature to suit your needs.

For cross-trainer needs, the MR760 provides cushioning, support, and stability; and with the TS2 Transitional Support System, this shoe gives a smooth transition from the time your heel hits the ground until the toe comes off the pavement. The Seamless PHANTOM LINER adds to the reduction of the weight of the shoe and enhances the fit and comfort. N-ery in the heel of the shoe, provides the New Balance cushioning and shock absorption.

Whatever your athletic needs may be, New Balance has a shoe built especially for you. You can be assured that extensive research has gone into the development of each New Balance running shoe to provide the best performance, custom fit, and comfort level available for your foot. Visit the New Balance website to find distributors in your area or order the perfect shoe online.

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