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Long Distance Companies - Not All Long Distance Companies Are Created Equal - Will You Be Locked In?, Is it a Teaser Rate?

How Can You Tell Which Long Distance Companies Are Really The Best?

service rates terms plan

There are dozens of long distance companies out there to choose from, and they all claim to be the best. How do you know which long distance companies really offer the greatest deals and the best service? There are some things you need to ask yourself before signing up with any long distance service if you don’t want to be taken for a ride. Don’t even think about choosing a long distance service provider without getting to the bottom of the following questions.

Will You Be Locked In?

Many long distance companies advertise very low rates, but to be eligible for those rates you have to lock into their services for a set period of time, which can sometimes be a year or more. If you decide you don’t like the long distance company’s service you may be stuck. Before signing up with any of the long distance companies ask if you are being locked into a contract and what the terms are. If they seem unacceptable to you, then look for a different long distance provider.

Is it a Teaser Rate?

Oftentimes the advertised rates published by the long distance companies are “teaser” rates meant to draw you into the services. After the introductory rate is over you may be stuck paying a much higher bill than you had anticipated. When signing up for any long distance telephone plan make sure you know exactly what type of rate you are being quoted, if the rate will go up, and how much it will go up if the rate you are paying now is an introductory offer.

Is It Unlimited?

Most long distance companies offer unlimited long distance calling nowadays, but that isn’t always the case. If you don’t want to be hit with an unpleasant surprise when your bill comes in at the end of the month you need to find out if your rate includes unlimited long distance calls. If it doesn’t, find out if any monthly minutes are included in your plan and how much you will pay per minute for calls that aren’t covered by your agreement.

In general, if you make long distance calls on a regular basis, it is best to stick with the long distance companies that offer unlimited long distance calling for one low monthly fee. Some people have been hit with hundreds of dollars in per-minute charges because they didn’t understand the terms of their long distance service.

Can the Rates and Terms Change?

If the plan that you are being offered for your long distance phone service looks perfect, you’d better ask if the rates and terms can change, how often, and by how much. The perfect plan can turn into a nightmare if the terms and pricing of that plan changes overnight. When speaking with the long distance companies find out how long your rate is locked in for and how often it can change before you sign up for any service.

With all of the long distance companies to choose from, consumers are now in charge when it comes to their long distance phone service. You no longer have to settle for poor service and ridiculous long distance phone bills. Keep the above information in mind when researching the different long distance companies and you’ll be able to find the one that’s right for you.

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