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Obagi Skin Products - Obagi Skin Products: A Primer

The Nu-Derm Clear regimen

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Obagi Medical is an upper-end skin care specialist. Casual middle-class consumers may find their products prohibitively expensive, ranging in price from around $40 for a bottle of facial cream to $400 for their full anti-aging regimen. Fortunately for Obagi, their product matches their pricing: Obagi skin products are top shelf in terms of customer satisfaction.

Obagi currently offers sixty-five skin care products. Among these, the most popular is the Nu-Derm Clear regimen, a series of products to scrub, smooth, lighten, and protect the skin. Some users are so loyal to this product that they have used it for an entire decade, and before & after photographs on various consumer blogs speak volumes to its effectiveness.

The Nu-Derm Clear line of Obagi skin products begins with the Nu-Derm Foaming Gel, an aloe-rich facial cleanser and softener. More of a beautifier than a medical treatment, it does not fight severe acne any more than soap and water. A little bit of the foaming gel is enough to lather the entire face as well, which makes the forty dollar investment hurt a little less as a single bottle can last for several months.

Next comes the Nu-Derm Toner, which supplements the foaming gel by washing inside pores with a lighter, more fluid substance. After applying the toner, scrub the face with a clean cotton cloth. One glance afterward at the grimy cloth confirms its effectiveness on the face. Afterwards, the face continues to feel moist and cool even in areas of high humidity.

In the third step, Nu-derm Clear battles hyperpigmentation—dark patches on the face from birth marks, moles, freckles, and even scars. This powerful skin lightener allows users to spot-clean facial blemishes to create a unified skin tone.

Step four of the regime is the Nu-Derm Exfoderm Forte, an exfoliating lotion which melts away at dead skin cells with acids and leaving a protective oil in their place. Unlike many exfoliating products, it feels rather gentle during application.

Next, the Nu-derm Blender bleaches the entire face to create a smooth, consistent look. It is particularly valuable as a supplement to the Nu-Derm Clear by “blending” dark patches into the rest of the face as they are lightened.

This core list of products forms the foundation of Obagi skin products. Some users use only one or two of the products, while others supplement the core line with further specializations of eye cleansers, sunblocks, and serums.

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