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Holidays In October - October Holidays for Every Occasion - Halloween, Columbus Bay, Bosses Day, Mother-in-Law Day

Popular and Little Known October Holidays

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Everyone loves a holiday. It gives them a reason to forget their worries and celebrate. There are several holidays in October, some well know and some obscure, that gives you a reason to celebrate. Many of the holidays in October are not even know. Take a close Look at the calendar; you might even be surprised at some of these unusual holidays.


The most famous of the October holidays is Halloween. Children love this holiday because they can dress in costumes, go door to door and get candy. Halloween actually has roots in religious celebrations throughout history. In Celtic history, October 31 was celebrated as the beginning of Samhain. The Celtics harvested their crops on this day in preparation for the celebration. The Romans celebrated this time as Pomona Day. Pomona was their goddess of fruits and gardens. Catholics celebrated November 1st as the Feast of All Saints or All Hallows. Halloween is now celebrated as All Hallows Eve in the Christian community.

Columbus Bay

Columbus Day celebrates Christopher Columbus’ voyage to America in 1492. This is a federal holiday and many businesses and banks close in remembrance of Christopher Columbus. Columbus Day is celebrated on the second day in October.

Bosses Day

One little known holiday celebrated in October is National Bosses Day. This holiday was the brainchild of Patricia Bays Haroski. In 1958, Patricia was a secretary in Illinois for her father. She registered the holiday to show her appreciation for the hard work her father put into the company. The actual date of National Bosses Day is October 19, however it is usually moved to a day during the week if it falls on a weekend.

Mother-in-Law Day

One holiday that most husbands, and a few wives, want to forget is Mother in Law’s Day. This new holiday began in 2002 to celebrate mother-in-laws. This holiday is celebrated on the fourth Saturday in October.

October brings many reasons to celebrate. You may not choose to throw a party on all the holidays in October, but many will give you the perfect reason to leave work early and spend a little time alone. Take advantage of every holiday in October and give yourself a reason to party, even if it is only Leif Erikson Day (October 9th).

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