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Rochester Mn Homes - Options and Opportunities for Rochester MN Homes

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Frequent exposure on Money magazine’s “Best Places to Live” has made Rochester MN homes immensely popular. The world-renowned Mayo Clinic employs tens of thousands of workers, while IBM and other manufacturing jobs keep the rest of the city busy. Ample job opportunities, a sterling reputation, and access to one of the best hospitals in the world make Rochester a vibrant community with an equally vibrant real estate market.

The Rochester chamber of commerce lists 28 realtors in the Rochester area. Edina Realty, one of the larger realtors, offers almost two thousand properties in the Rochester area, which should hint to the plethora of options available to those seeking Rochester MN Homes.

With a median household income of almost $60,000, Rochester offers modern city homes ranging from $46,000 for one bathroom fourplexes to $200,000 lakefront estates. With so many options, it is impossible to narrow them down without evaluating your needs and then comparing them to Rochester’s particular offerings.

Proximity to IBM and Mayo is an expensive luxury in Rochester. The massive workforces of these institutions make commuting a necessity, while others cram into the nearest neighborhood to trim a half hour off their work day. Those moving to Rochester and working in a different location are advised to steer clear of these high-demand properties.

Incoming families can enjoy a large selection of high-caliber schools. Rochester’s public school system scores an 8/10 on the GreatSchools database, with Washington Elementary ranked 10/10, making it a top choice for education-minded home-seekers.

Meanwhile, lakefront property provides a route to luxury for Rochester MN homes. Usually ranging from $100,000 to $200,000 in value, these properties are well-maintained and valued by the many executives and medical specialists in the area.

One of America’s premier small cities, Rochester Minnesota offers enough options for employment, education, and variety of homes to satisfy almost any serious homebuyer.

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