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Mount Tv Wall - Options for Mounting Your TV - Discreet TV Wall Mount, Tilt Wall Mount, Swivel Wall Mount

TV Wall Mounts Can Swivel, Tilt or Stay Flat Against the Wall

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Selecting a wall mount for a TV is an important task. It is best to be educated on different types of wall mounts so you can purchase the right one for your television.

Discreet TV Wall Mount

If you are putting a TV in a living room, you likely want the mount to be well hidden. If TV wall mount brackets stick out, they can cheapen the look of the room. You can get a flat, or low profile, TV wall mount if you want to keep your mount hidden. These mounts sit flat against the wall, and the TV actually covers them up, so they are not visible. If you use this type of mount, you will not be able to move your TV, though. In addition, it will be difficult to plug or unplug wires in the TV, as the TV will not be mobile.

Tilt Wall Mount

If you tend to lie on the floor while watching TV, you may want to consider getting a tilt wall mount. This wall TV mount allows people to tilt the TV up and down. While many people get this so they can make adjustments to the television’s position, it has another purpose as well. By tilting the TV, you can change out plug and unplug cables much easier than you could if you used a low profile mount. Once the TV is tilted, it is easy to reach behind it and plug or unplug devices.

Swivel Wall Mount

If you want to have complete control over your TV’s mobility, consider getting a swivel wall mount. The TV swivel mount lives up to its name, as it will allow you to adjust the TV so it faces different areas of the room. This type of mount sticks out from the wall, making it much more obvious than a low profile mount. However, it is very easy to change cables if you use a swivel mount, as you can pull the TV forward and get behind it to plug or unplug devices.

Most people have a preference when it comes to wall mount TV brackets. They want a wall mount that is discreet, or they want to have a great deal of control. Once they decide on their preference, they can install the mount and begin watching TV.

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