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Wireless Computer Monitor - Options for a wireless computer monitor - Wireless USB to VGA adapter, Wireless USB to HDMI adapter

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The world is moving toward being completely wireless, so it is only natural that people should be looking for a wireless computer monitor. However, technology has not advanced to the point where monitors are completely wireless. After all, computers have to communicate with the monitor, so there still needs to be quite a bit of work done before wireless computer monitors become the next standard. However, there are several simple options for those who want to make their traditional wired monitor into a wireless unit.

Wireless USB to VGA adapter

One of the simplest ways to make a monitor into a wireless unit is by purchasing a wireless USB to VGA adapter. This adaptor allows any computer to be attached to a monitor from several feet away. Some models allow for the monitor to be up to 30 feet away from the computer. You might consider the Cables to Go wireless USB to VGA adapter kit, which can usually be purchased for less than $200. This kit is perfect for classrooms or conference rooms, and it can even be used in dual monitor screen mode.

Wireless USB to HDMI adapter

Those who are a little more high tech with their computer displays may wish to purchase a wireless USB to HDMI adapter instead. This product is great because it will support future computer monitors as the trend shifts more and more toward HDMI. The Atlona wireless USB to HDMI/VGA is perfect because it is compatible with both VGA and HDMI displays, keeping you covered now and for the future. The Atlona adapter will run you a little less than $150.

Wireless display interface

People who want even more options when it comes to making their television or computer monitor wireless will probably want to opt for a video display wireless interface. The Addlogix interface allows for both VGA and DVI-D outputs, which means that many different kinds of displays are compatible. If there ever comes a time when you don’t necessarily need a wireless computer monitor, then this unit will even allow Ethernet cable for the connection. The unit also has a stereo audio connection. It is perfect for connecting a laptop to a television or forming a bridge from one wireless network to another, allowing you to surf the web on this monitor also. The only bad thing about the Addlogix is that it really doesn’t allow for a big enough resolution to make it work well for very large screen TVs. Also some people have a bit of trouble when trying to hook up two displays to this unit because sometimes the second display was out of sync between the audio and the picture.

Wireless display options for MAC users

MAC users may have a bit more trouble finding a wireless adapter for their computer monitors, but there are some on the market now. Of course MAC users will have fewer options to choose from as far as brands go, but one great kind to consider if you have a MAC is a Wisair-based adapter. Wisair-based products just made the move to MAC in 2010, so these are still rather new items.

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