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Hotels Panama City Beach - Panama City Beach Hotels

Origin at Seahaven

origin seahaven country travelers

More than thirty hotels overlook the white sands of Panama City Beach in Florida. Tourism is the primary trade of this region, which gives travelers the full spectrum of options among Panama City Beach hotels.
Panama City Beach is one place where travelers should avoid chain hotels like Country Inn and Suites, Amerisuites, and others. These two-and-a-half star hotels offer the same services as they do elsewhere in the country, but fierce competition has created hotels that provide twice as much fun for comparable price.

Winner of Expedia’s 2010 “Insider’s Select” competition, Origin at Seahaven is a high-return investment in terms of reputation and amenities, with a heated swimming pool, fitness center, a washer/dryer facility, children’s play areas, and more. This hotel features prices starting at $75 per night for a two-person studio—a full fifteen dollars cheaper then at Country Inn!

The secret to Origin’s success among Panama City Beach hotels is its inclusion in the Towne of Seahaven. Sandwiched between Pier Park and Emerald Beach Resort, Seahaven is a highly developed segment of Panama City Beach that was built to help absorb the deluges of visitors that sweep into Florida during the 4th of July, Spring Break, and other major tourist holidays. This specialized focus keeps prices low and allows for hotels like Origin to function at the top of their game. Everything a tourist needs can be found in resort towns like Seahaven, and at present Origin sits at the top of the heap with online travel agencies and consumer reviews.

Even for travelers who decide to stay elsewhere, Origin provides an excellent standard for comparison in what to look for in Panama City Beach hotels.

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